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If you would like to adopt a cat all the information you need is on 'The adoption process' page; once you've read the boring stuff come and see our little beauties!

When you adopt from us, did you know that you are helping TWO cats? By rescuing, you free up that foster place for another cat in need.

Senior Kittizens




No suggested adoption fee for our Old Age Pusscats but any donations are very welcome as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.


Special indoor home wanted for our lovely Freddie. He's FIV positive and his viral load is at the high end so we don't know how long he has unfortunately; hopefully it will be years and his foster dad will provide full support including vet bills. 

It would be great to get Freddie into his own home where he can have all the cuddles he wants - he loves cuddles! 

Neutered  and about two years old.

Longwell Green


Luna & Lily 1

Luna is the black & white cat, Lily the white & tortie. They are sisters, two and a half years old.Both Luna and Lily have lovely natures, Lily being much more shy than Luna. These two are being re-homed together as they are very close. They will need somewhere that Luna can have all the fuss and Lily can settle at her own page. 

Spayed and Chipped 

Longwell Green 

Polo & her Daughter Poppy

Two beautiful white girls with teddy bear ears looking for a forever home.  Mother and daughter, mum is semi long haired with one green and one blue eye and daughter short haired. See below..
They are 7 and 6 and have recently had their tips of ears removed as a preventative measure due to sunbathing without their sun cream on!  They have stitches in their ears at present but healing quickly and vet is happy with them. They are fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.  Quite shy to start with but once they come around both love to sit on your lap and have a good head rub.  
They are currently living with their friend, Bobby (black cat in Hanham on the website) and all get on well together so could either go to their forever home as a 3, 2 or individually.  Would probably be best living in a household without young children as can get a little scared of quick movements and loud noises but they are getting better all the time.  All three would make a great addition to any home as they are very well behaved.

Polo (Mum)  sprawled out shortly after having ear tips removed - look at that lovely fluffy tummy



Hetty was born outside and not handled at all by people so came into foster very scared and wary.

Foster mum has worked her magic and she now sits on her lap and purr her little head off. She'll always be a bit shy but will bond very strongly with her owner; She loves to play just like any other 6 months kittens though! 



Sweet Scribble is 5 years old and a little shy; he needs a quieter home and some time to settle and then he'll be a friendly, cuddly little soul.
He likes to go outside so a nice, safe location would be good and not too many other cats about as he will yell at them! 

We did rehome him but we weren't told his new owner also fed several strays and poor Scribble felt under siege when they camped out on his doorstep and stared at him through the patio doors!

Neutered,  chipped, vaccinated 


Maestro, lovely older gent looking for a retirement home with a garden to potter around in.
He's very vocal - we think he has a bit of Oriental in there somewhere! He's very sweet and affectionate and lives happily with other confident cats but can be bossy with timid cats and he's a bit vacant at times bless him; not the sharpest tool in the box by any means but very loveable all the same! 

Maestro is about 14 years old and just wants a quieter home to relax in.
Neutered, chipped,vaccinated and vet checked. 

Staple Hill


Sweet, gentle girl looking for a retirement home with a soft lap, lots of attention and a garden to potter around in.

Olivia is older than we first thought at 10-12 years and has recently had a dental and health check.

She would prefer a quiet home and she'll put up with other cats but would much prefer to be an only spoiled girl.

Neutered and chipped 



Evie is a beautiful 3 year old black and white cat who was found abandoned in a bin bag with her kittens.  She is a very easy going cat who isn't fazed by anything like loud noises or strangers. She likes affection when she feels like it but she isn't a lap cat. She loves to sunbathe, play with her scratch tower and most of all loves her food!  She uses her litter tray and really is an easy cat to look after, however she would love to be able to go exploring outside. Evie has lived with a toddler and is fine with children; her owner had to move and couldn't take Evie with her unfortunately.

Neutered,  chipped and had first vaccination. 




Handsome young lad of about 2 who came into us scared and hiding. His fostermum has done a great job with him and he now enjoys head bumps and fuss especially tickles under his chin!

He's so much more confident now and needs a new home where he can continue to improve; a nice, quiet home and maybe another friendly, playful young cat who can show him the ropes and chase him around the garden.

Frampton Cotterell 


Ellie is very affectionate especially around food time, she spends most of the day in her safe place under the stairs, she loves to mooch about in the great outdoors.
She is timid but this gives her a very gentle nature..She got on fine with her sister and would be better placed in a quiet home with someone who can give her plenty of cuddles and attention. 

She has always lived in a quiet area which means she is not used to busy roads and lots of traffic.




Awaiting Picture

Gorgeous super friendly ginger and white boy about 2 years old; left behind when his owners moved. 

Marm loves attention and fuss and would be fine with children as he's such a softy. We've not cat - tested him yet but will do soon!

Neutered,  chipped,  FIV/FeLV negative. 



Sasha is an older cat ( we were told she's 4 but she looks more like 8-10 years)who came into rescue as her owner couldn't look after her anymore. She was very timid at first but eventually came out from under the sofa and is great company loving attention and snuggles. Sasha would be happiest in a quiet household as she hides when it is noisy. She is a very gentle, placid lady who would like to ge an only puss on her new home.She has got arthritis in her spine so is on long term metacam which BWCR can help with the cost of if necessary.

Neutered Mangotsfield

Sasha 2

Pretty, gentle little girl who is shy to begin with and will need a few days to settle. Once she does though, she's a sweetie who likes cuddles and attention. She's fine with older children but may find younger ones a bit too much and she was living previously with three other cats so should be ok with a gentle, feline friend.

18 Months old

Neutered, chipped and had first vaccination 

Minnie the Minx

Minnie is a gorgeous, mischievous young cat, and a bundle of fun. She always has a look on her face that suggests she's looking for trouble! She is boisterous, communicative, and extremely affectionate, with bags of purrsonality.

Minnie loves to be cradled, and cuddled like a baby, especially if you're reading a book in bed. She loves to sit on the laptop, and make you take a break from work. She loves to sleep on the bed at night. She really just loves to be loved! Oh, and she loves her food, especially cooked fish! She eats like a hungry dog:-)
Minnie is a bit of a diva though, and her love of human affection has made her very jealous of her humans other cat, who was there first. She really does need to be an only pampered puss, in a home where she can enjoy all the attention. 
Minnie loves her scratching post, and the stair carpet too, though her current owner thinks this is territorial.
Minnie needs an adult home with lots of love and attention. She is used to living on a 

very quiet cul de sac, and will need to find a forever home in a similarly safe and quiet location.

Minnie is about two years old. She is spayed, chipped, and fully vaccinated. If you think she's the purrfect puss for you, please contact


Lovely Frankie is a young lad of about a year who came in with a badly cut leg as if he'd caught himself on wire :( It's all healed now and he's raring to go; he's lively and likes being outside so would suit someone looking for a more independent cat. He's very sweet and enjoys a fuss and is bright and inquisitive. He also loves his grub!

He's fine with most cats but likes to be boss so probably best homed as an only.

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 

Staple Hill 



Sweet, gentle boy who is no trouble; he's fine with other cats and happy to sleep the day away with the occasional head rub and chin scratch. He's a little unsure of himself so no young children and he'll need a little time to settle as loud noises and sudden movements can startle him but he's a lovely, big lump of a cat. He's keen to go outside so would love a garden in a safe location. 

Neutered,  chipped, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative. 

Staple Hill 


Foxy & Romeo

Home from Home Adoption

Foxy (Female) and Romeo (Male) are 4 years old and brother and sister. They are close and love each other so need to be homed together.  Both are very loving cats  and enjoy laps and cuddles. Both are house trained, and have a cat flap arrangement and come and go as they please. They eat both dry complete food and wet food, (Felix normally). 

Neutered and chipped. 


3 Cats Needing Farmhouse/Stables

Two handsome polydactyl brothers and their beautiful cream and chocolate sister were born to a pet mother but the owner just left them in the garden to fend for themselves. He's since moved leaving them all behind, mum has wandered off somewhere looking for a mate and neighbours have kindly been feeding these poor cats.

Sister has already had one litter of kittens herself but all three are now neutered and looking for a new home together;  they've not been socialised so need a farm/stables/smallholding type of home

Sister may well accept affection in time, brown tabby is very wary and grey tabby is completely feral but none are nasty cats just scared...

They're about 10 months old now and safe in foster but in hiding so impossible to photograph unfortunately! 



Another super friendly,  super chilled handsome boy who settled into his foster home within minutes!
Jambo is 11 yrs old but doesn't look or act it - he still plays like a kitten at times and is in excellent health.  He likes to have a wander outside but we're not sure what he's like with other cats so probably best as an only puss.

Neutered,  chipped and had first vaccination 

Thunder and Tilda

Thunder and Tilda have bags of personality. 

Tilda is petite and slender and very nosy! If there is a shopping bag being emptied, she will be waiting to jump inside it. She enjoys being on a rug, up high, so a bunk bed or tall unit is her preferred spot. Although she ventures outside, it’s not for long and she rarely leaves the garden. She enjoys looking out of the window. Tilda will sometimes lie beside you on the sofa but prefers to snooze by herself. She will always come and see you, give you a brush of her tail and she purrs a lot, loving to have her head stroked. She doesn’t mind being picked up and even allows my 8 year old son to hold her in his arms like a baby!

Thunder is a scaredy cat – literally. If another cat comes into the garden, he will run inside and it will be Tilda who chases the intruder away. He a big softie who LOVES being brushed and would lie for hours having his tummy rubbed. He doesn’t like being picked up much but will cuddle up beside you on a chair. 

Home from home adoption. 


Thunder is the most vocal of the two, he will let you know when he wants to go outside (they haven’t yet been introduced to a cat flap). He sometimes stays outside all day or night, always coming home for his next meal! Both are happy with a soft rug to lie on and a bed to crawl under for some extra peace and quiet. They like to be near you or at least know who is in the house and what is going on.

Thunder and Tilda interact with each other well and rarely have bad words. They enjoy playfighting and chasing each other around and are quite the double act; hiding behind units waiting to pounce on the other one who is about to come walking by. Both cats have been very loving and gentle and are fine with children.

Neutered,  chipped and vaccinated. 3 years old. Home from home adoption. 



Bella is a pretty 8-year-old grey tortie. She's very placid and quiet. The only noise she makes is her purr when you stroke her under her chin. She doesn't like the top of her head being touched, which is easy for adults to avoid doing but makes her unsuitable for young children, which is why she is looking for a new home. She's used to going out during the day so she'd love to find a forever home soon as her fosterers can't let her out. If you're looking for an undemanding, pretty cat who likes people but is also happy to please herself, Bella is your girl.


Sam & Baby

Sam and Baby

Little ‘n’ Large

Hi there, my name is Sam and I would describe myself as a ‘well proportioned’ friendly chap, with big white paws and a bushy tail like you’ve never seen before! Trust me, you'll be impressed:-)

I’m nearly 2 ½ years old and I'm a sweet, affectionate chap who loves humans of all ages! I can do head bumps, big purrs, trolloping, you name it I have it all in my toolkit! Which includes agility, so a garden to explore is a must.

I am in foster care with Baby. We've been together pretty much all our lives but are not related. We are the best of friends though.

Hope to meet you very soon



Baby is a beautiful tabby girl. She's 2 years old. She's younger and smaller than me but she's definitely the boss! We love to play together, and whilst I am twice the size of her she still puts me in my place if I step out of line. Although we are very different in size our characters are very similar. She's a sweet and friendly people lover too:-)

We are both neutered, chipped, in good health and looking for a home together.



Beautiful Tilly is about 2 years old and very loving and becoming quite playful too so we may have overestimated her age! She's being neutered soon and looking for a new home with lots of cuddles ; she's not been cat-tested so best as an only puss and not young child - tested either. 

South Bristol


Adorable Edward has been signed off as fit for adoption. Physically and emotionally, he has made a remarkable recovery after a lonely and painful time alone as a stray, badly injured puss. He is healing very well. He is mobile and agile without pain, and eating well after having three teeth removed. He's even chomping on his biscuits with great gusto. He loves being treated to a bit of chicken skin when it's cooked:-)
His coat is growing back, and he is very happy to be brushed, so it will be absolutely beautiful when he's a happy, pampered pet puss!
Edward has grown in confidence in his foster home. He's now a very affectionate chap, happy to headbump, and purr, even with visitors. He's very loving with his foster parents, and loves cuddling up on the sofa or better still, in their laps!
Edward is still jumpy with loud noises, like slamming doors and is anxious around heavy boots. He may well have had a bad experience. He needs an adult home, with loving family who will give him time to settle in and blossom even more. He really is worth every effort. He has a huge amount of love to give, and deserves even more in return after his tough life. He will need a home as an only pampered pet, and as he's been a stray, would be safer in a home without access to busy roads.



Name: Kasi (Swift in Swahili). Currently being prepared for travel to the UK. Available from w/b 19th January. About Kasi: Female Bronze native Egyptian Mau, born approximately 2012. This beautiful example of a Mau is vivacious and amazingly intelligent. She is described as being vocal and an entertainer who loves being around humans but will need some TLC and patience to build up trust as she has spent much of her life on the street, albeit fed, neutered, vaccinated and kept safe by a local rescuer. Kasi was likely an unwanted kitten, kicked out onto the streets when she was no longer a cute kitten.

As with all native Egyptian Maus coming to the UK she has all her vaccinations, including rabies and is litter-trained, neutered & micro-chipped.  Kasi will be UK vet-checked on arrival into the UK and will receive worming and flea treatment. Rescuer: Jocelyne Yomede. Adoption fee to cover the majority of her preparation and travel costs is £260. Please note EMCRUK (Egyptian Mau Cat Rescue UK) is run by just a few unpaid volunteers and adoption fees never include the cost of daily feeding or welfare of the cats. To find out more about this cat or about the native Egyptian Mau generally please contact David on 01453 792172 or e-mail 


Mr Tibbs

Handsome, neutered, Mr Tibbs is a large, rangy black lad. He lost his home last year when his owner was taken into care. He was stressed at first, in his foster home, but now has settled and become a calm and easygoing cat. He is sociable and confident with other cats.


​This is 4 year old Bella (above), a neutered female. She is very friendly and lives with Bailey (below). She has to be rehomed because of a change in her owner's circumstances.


​Tim is black male, about a year or two old, as yet unneutered, and who has been around for about three months. He is a friendly boy, desperate to come indoors, but the person feeding him has three other cats who don't like Tim. He is going in for neutering shortly and will have a health check. Being a plain black lad, poor old Tim doesn't have the same visual appeal as a more coloured cat but it's personality that counts, at the end of the day. Tim is chatty, friendly and needs a home!



Buster is 9 months old. He's not neutered yet as he had a retained testicle but it is dropping now so he will be neutered soon. He is a gorgeous, soft, loving boy and the family are really upset at having to let him go but the child is severely allergic. They are using wipes for Buster's fur but it is not enough to keep the allergy at bay so he needs to go asap. He is great with the child, very sweet and very much loved.