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If you would like to adopt a cat all the information you need is on 'The adoption process' page; once you've read the boring stuff come and see our little beauties!

When you adopt from us, did you know that you are helping TWO cats? By rescuing, you free up that foster place for another cat in need.

Senior Kittizens




No suggested adoption fee for our Old Age Pusscats but any donations are very welcome as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.

Luna & Lily 1

Luna is the black & white cat, Lily the white & tortie. They are sisters, two and a half years old.Both Luna and Lily have lovely natures, Lily being much more shy than Luna. These two are being re-homed together as they are very close. They will need somewhere that Luna can have all the fuss and Lily can settle at her own page. 

Spayed and Chipped 

Longwell Green 


I'm so proud of Sophie; from a terrified of everything cat who got her self defence in first she now rubs along with 6 other cats. Obviously if they get too close she swears at them...then runs away, she's that brave!

She's a funny, quirky character and we've had our moments but she looks at me with such hope and gentleness in her sweet face wanting to be loved; she will happily be stroked,  she may grumble after a while but I just carry on and she relaxes again.  I can even pick her up like a baby now and she likes to play,  something I don't think she's done for a long time. She rubs round my legs and happily hogs the radiator, she doesn't ask for much.

In short, she needs an adult only home with someone who won't put up with her ' nonsense' eg if she yells at a cat on the stairs I chase her up the stairs then down again (like another cat would ) and it becomes a game and she then comes to me for a cuddle knowing I'm the boss and her behaviour is unacceptable but also that I would never hurt her.

She needs boundaries and to feel safe, she could do well with other cats but they must be non - confrontational and not mind her bad language! She also needs a garden to help shed a few pounds which I can't offer her else she'd be staying. I'm very fond of this grumpy, chubby little Madam! 

she's about 6 years we think..

Neutered, chipped, vaccinated

Staple Hill


Tilly is 6 years and spayed. She is very affectionate and loves cuddles. There is nothing better she likes better than sitting on a lap in the evening, snuggled up in front of the fire. Tilly responds well to her name and comes running, when you call her. In the day she enjoys sleeping in small spaces, under beds or sofas. She hides herself away very well, earning her the nickname, Heidi! Tilly is naturally a cautious cat and can be timid with strangers, she likes to get to know people first. She prefers women to men but seems to like children (living with an 8 and 9 year old). Ideally she would like a family where she would be the only cat.

Stoke  Gifford  

Home from Home Adoption

Home from home adoption

Tigger is a 12 year old long haired tabby who is neutered and about to get his booster in the next week or so. 

He is extremely friendly and very, very gentle. Such a good temperament on him. I'm having to rehome him as I have developed a skin reaction to fur over the last year and can't really give him the attention he craves. He prefers being the only cat and can tolerate children if they don't keep chasing/tugging him so probably best with older children

Home from Home Adoption

Timmy is 1year and 10months, he enjoys lots of company and a fuss but not too much as there are more exiting things to do like play...he loves to play! Not suitable for young children as he doesn't like to be overly fussed. 



Diana turned up in someone's garden hoping to find herself a new home but they couldn't keep her so she's come over the bridge to try her luck in Bristol! Diana  is about 8yrs old and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet.

She loves a fuss and her food  but can be wary when meeting new people.

Diana would love to find a quiet retirement home where she can enjoy being the princess that she is.

She's probably best ad an only cat and with no young children. 

Presumed neutered due to her age and no sign of recent kittens but BWCR will pay for the op if necessary. 

Diana loves to be brushed, if you stop she will come and head butt the brush to remind you she's there. She climbs onto your lap and is more than happy to be stroked. She can be picked up as well. One of our other cats hissed at her and she didn't seem too bothered.




 Heather is estimated at 15 years old and has been looked after by a few people for a year or so. She’s been vet checked and chipped and all her bloods have come back as normal. She’s very friendly and loves fuss and attention but not too keen on other cats. Little bit deaf but has been coping with a quiet road.

Long well Green



Gorgeous big, chunky boy 3-4 years old who is so glad to be in a home he's just a purr machine! 

He's quite a dominant boy so best as an only cat but he loves attention from his humans. 

Neutered and chipped 



After only two days in foster including a trip to the vet for her first vaccination, beautiful half Maine Coon Amber has settled in a treat. She's very gentle and loves a fuss, she'll tolerate being picked up but it's not high on her list of favourite things although she was as good as gold being held to have some furry matts shaved off her tummy so maybe she's not as bad as we think! 

She's  not used to children and can tell you when she's had enough so best with older children only and be prepared for a lovefest when she decides she's in the mood!

Amber is 5 years old and is very reluctantly being given up due to a change in circumstances; she's come in with her friends Poppy and Saffy and they tolerate each other but aren't especially close so could go together or separately. 

Neutered, chipped and had fully Vaccinated.

Staple Hill



Kea is about one year old and is bright, lively and naughty!  He had no manners when he arrived and no concept of boundaries but being with other cats has done him the world of good; they've put him in his place several times and he's turning into a really sweet boy who loves to snuggle on a lap all evening.
He still has his moments so best with no young children but he's a great little character and very entertaining; he will even sulk if you tell him off!

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated

Staple Hill


Look at this beautiful face.  
Bobby is a gentle, friendly boy aged 5. He is a quiet boy who loves to snooze and enjoys a good head rub once he's got to know you.  He lives with two other cats at the moment and has a play with them sometimes charging up the stairs.  Would probably suit a quieter home as this is what he has been used to.  

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated



Lola-9 years old, currently living with Oscar although they are best homed separately unless you have large amounts of space, and lots of people to give them both lots of attention; they get jealous of each other.  They are the most loving affectionate well tempered cats and love being smoothed, even their bellies.

She is not really a lapcat, part Burmese, suitable for any kind of home with or without children, Lola is a bit of a trip hazard though so not good for anyone a bit shaky on their pins.

Neutered, chipped.


Polo & her Daughter

Two beautiful white girls with teddy bear ears looking for a forever home.  Mother and daughter, mum is semi long haired with one green and one blue eye and daughter short haired. 

They are 7 and 6 and have recently had their tips of ears removed as a preventative measure due to sunbathing without their sun cream on!  They have stitches in their ears at present but healing quickly and vet is happy with them. They are fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.  Quite shy to start with but once they come around both love to sit on your lap and have a good head rub.  

They are currently living with their friend, Bobby (black cat in Hanham on the website) and all get on well together so could either go to their forever home as a 3, 2 or individually.  Would probably be best living in a household without young children as can get a little scared of quick movements and loud noises but they are getting better all the time.  All three would make a great addition to any home as they are very well behaved.


Polo (Mum)  sprawled out shortly after having ear tips removed - look at that lovely fluffy tummy




Waiting for a foster space,  Redland 

Martini is a lovely gentle older girl of 13 years; she's  in good health and would love a cosy retirement home where she can snooze in the sun or inside if it's colder, she's not fussy!

She's grown up with children but is a little timid to begin with; loud noises and sudden movements can startle her initially but her curiosity soon gets the better of her and she goes to investigate! 

She's always been an only cat so it's best she stays that way and a quieter home without young children would suit her just fine.



Home from Home Cardiff

Home fro home, Cardiff but owner is happy to transport Maiya to her new home.

'After spending the first 4 years of my life with my owner, circumstances have changed. I am Looking for new home as I don't much like my owners baby. I have tolerated her for some time but she's getting a bit quick on her feet & is very grabby. I have recently had my annual vet check, been wormed, & have a new flea collar. I like to poop outdoors, & very much enjoy Asda's own brand of food - so I'm not too expensive to keep. My annual vet check & vaccinations are paid for my life, as long as you can take me to Budget Vets Newport, in March each year. I do like attention & cuddles, but I also like my own space. You'll often find me sleeping on the landing or watching the world go by from your window sill. As you can see from my pictures, I am a very pretty cat. Don't let that fool you, as I am quite good at catching pesky mice. Please help me find my forever home.'



Sorry about the fuzzy picture

Gorgeous girlie with beautiful markings,  Bella loves human company and will curl up beside you or sleep on your lap. She loves having her chin scratched in particular but she'll take any fussing thank you!

She's a young mum who will be spayed and chipped once her kittens have left the building so she'll be looking to move in with her slaves in 3-4 weeks time.

As a protective mum she hates other cats, that may improve when her hormones have gone down post spay but we can't say for sure so best to keep her as only pampered princess.

Bella is about 18 months old and the pic is when the little strumpet was pregnant - she's a lot slimmer now!

Frampton Cotterell



Pepper has sadly been given up because of her owner's ill health; she's  14 and a sweet little girl full of purrs and chirrups as she tells you about her day! She's an affectionate little thing who is looking for a home as an only puss as she can be a bit bossy with other cats. She's off to the vet for a dental then she'll be looking for her retirement lap.






Levi is shy but with a lovely nature, sweet and gentle , and good with other cats. The vet estimated him at 12 years old and he's had a dental and a thorough MOT including blood tests and he's got a clean bill of health. 

Levi would prefer a quieter home without young children as he needs a little time to settle and he's looking forward to a bit of spoiling in his retirement! 

Neutered and chipped 

Longwell Green


Sooty is a lovely 4 year old fluffy boy who enjoys being being brushed and stroked but can tell you when he's had enough so best with older children only. He's very sweet and affectionate and is fine with other cats.

He loves to roll on his back and show off his beautiful tummy but it's definitely a case of look but don't touch! 

Neutered,  chipped, had first vaccination 
Staple Hill



Harry, Hattie and Hetty were born outside and not handled at all by people so came into foster very scared and wary.

Their foster mum has worked her magic and they now sit on her lap and purr their little heads off. They'll always be a bit shy but will bond very strongly with their owners; they love to play just like any other 6 months kittens though! 



Murray is a 20 months old neutered boy, chipped and fully vaccinated. He's a handsome fluffy tabby, with soft, silky fur that doesn't need much grooming. He was born in our house to a BWCR foster cat and we kept him as a pet.
Unfortunately Murray hasn't adapted to family life, and has increasingly become more stressed in our busy family environment. After trying various stress relieving tactics and on advice from the Vet, we have sadly came to the decision to re-home him as he needs a quieter home to relax in.
His anxiety and nervousness means he doesn't like sudden movements or noises, nor too many humans around at one time and likes a quiet dark corner to hide when he feels the need.
When feeling confident, he loves to behave like a playfull kitten and enjoys his catnip kicker, scratch post and any string toys you're willing to swish around for him.
He will need a litter tray as the outside world seems to make him feel scared and vulnerable, so he doesn't venture out too much, and may even be more suited to a window ledge than a garden.

Murray would love a quiet home with a gentle caring human.

Home from home,  Filton 


Darwin is cute and playful and loves to get up to mischief. He's not a lap cat but loves fuss and attention and will never be far away from you he's also very good and taking up majority of the bed. He can get a bit carried away when playing so probably more suitable with older children.
Darwin is FIV positive so would need to be an indoor cat.

About 3 years old, neutered and chipped


This big soft teddy bear of a cat turned up as a stray in Wales and found a kind lady to feed him for a few months but she couldn't find his owner and couldn't keep him.
Teddy is a lovely pale ginger and is a chunky monkey about 3 years old. He's gentle and friendly and fine with other nice cats although he will stand up for himself if necessary.
He caught his head on some wire sneaking under the fence to be fed so has a healing wound on his head but it doesn't deter from his good looks.

He is keen to go outdoors so keep an eye on him when you first get him home!

Neutered,  chipped, had first vaccination, FIV/FeLV negative.




Name: Kasi (Swift in Swahili). Currently being prepared for travel to the UK. Available from w/b 19th January. About Kasi: Female Bronze native Egyptian Mau, born approximately 2012. This beautiful example of a Mau is vivacious and amazingly intelligent. She is described as being vocal and an entertainer who loves being around humans but will need some TLC and patience to build up trust as she has spent much of her life on the street, albeit fed, neutered, vaccinated and kept safe by a local rescuer. Kasi was likely an unwanted kitten, kicked out onto the streets when she was no longer a cute kitten.

As with all native Egyptian Maus coming to the UK she has all her vaccinations, including rabies and is litter-trained, neutered & micro-chipped.  Kasi will be UK vet-checked on arrival into the UK and will receive worming and flea treatment. Rescuer: Jocelyne Yomede. Adoption fee to cover the majority of her preparation and travel costs is £260. Please note EMCRUK (Egyptian Mau Cat Rescue UK) is run by just a few unpaid volunteers and adoption fees never include the cost of daily feeding or welfare of the cats. To find out more about this cat or about the native Egyptian Mau generally please contact David on 01453 792172 or e-mail

Her Kittens Below
Are Located in Avonmouth

Carmen is a young female bronze lybica-patterned (Spots and Stripes) Native

Egyptian Mau, born in May 2014. She was rescued at a very young age from the streets of Cairo and hand-reared by her kind Egyptian Rescuer before being

prepared to travel to the UK.


Carmen is a beautiful example of a Mau and is amazingly intelligent. She is

energetic, loves playing & is looking forward to a home she can call her

own. Prior to coming to the UK Carmen received all her vaccinations,

including rabies. Since her arrival she has been treated against fleas,

worms and ear mites. She is litter-trained Neutered & micro-chipped.


Please note NEMCRUK (Native Egyptian Mau Cat Rescue UK) is run by just a few unpaid volunteers and adoption fees never include the cost of daily feeding

or welfare of the cats. You can find out more about our cat: or please contact David on 01453

792172 or e-mail



Loki, named after the Norse God of mischief, doesn't live up to his name! Once a stray, Loki is now happy in his foster home. He is a large, friendly boy, adventurous and curious about the world but also very loving. He's waiting for that special person to choose him; in the meantime there is lots of exploring to be done!


Millie & Sophie

Millie, the white female is 7 years old. She is a lively friendly girl in good health. Millie hasn't taken well to a new puppy that has been introduced into the household. The owners don't want to part with the puppy and feel it is best that Millie is re-homed. Millie is great with people, likes to go outside, although she sticks to the garden. She is happy with a quiet life. 

Sophie, Millie's companion, is friendly and enjoyed peace and quiet. It would be nice if the two could go together as Millie has known Sophie all her life. Sophie is tolerant of the puppy, so it is more important that Millie is re-homed. 

Both cats are Neutered

Mr Tibbs

Handsome, neutered, Mr Tibbs is a large, rangy black lad. He lost his home last year when his owner was taken into care. He was stressed at first, in his foster home, but now has settled and become a calm and easygoing cat. He is sociable and confident with other cats.


​This is Dunster. He turned up earlier this year at his feeder's house. He has now cajoled his way indoors but this has annoyed the four resident cats so Dunster would like his own, special home. At present he is on antibiotics for a respiratory infection and has an eye infection so he is not looking his best. However, he is a really friendly cat who is desperate for affection and security.


​This is 4 year old Bella, a neutered female. She is very friendly and lives with Bailey. She has to be rehomed because of a change in her owner's circumstances.


Lily is a little timid because she came in as a rescue originally so probably best with no young children. She's gentle and affectionate and fine with other cats but will just need a little time to settle in.

Lily is a year old and neutered.

Recent Photos


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