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If you would like to adopt a cat all the information you need is on 'The adoption process' page; once you've read the boring stuff come and see our little beauties!

When you adopt from us, did you know that you are helping TWO cats? By rescuing, you free up that foster place for another cat in need.

Senior Kittizens




No suggested adoption fee for our Old Age Pusscats but any donations are very welcome as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.


Big soppy boy who happens to be FIV positive. Nelson is a little shy but desperate for cuddles and just a big teddy bear of a cat.  He's completely non- confrontational and living happily with FIV negative cats at the moment - FIV is passed on in adults cats through biting and there's no way Nelson would ever react even when provoked, he's a lover not a fighter!

He's about 3-4 years old and in excellent health and would love a home of his own. It's usually recommended that FIV cats should be indoor only but we don't think Nelson would be happy as he's desperate to go outside and , in truth, there's no reason he shouldn't. His immune system is working just fine and he's actually no more prone to picking up an infection than any other cat plus he's not a fighter so not going to infect any others either. 

Maybe a more rural home with not as many other cats around might suit him,  he really is a total love bug and deserves a wonderful home. 

Neutered,  chipped, vaccinated

Staple Hill


Polo is aged approximately 3 years old. This lovely gentle boy is FIV positive. 


Long well Green


Olivia  1

Olivia came in as a stray and has a beautiful coat of long, thick fur. She will need a daily brush but fortunately she loves a brush and a stroke and a fuss; the only thing she's not crazy about is being picked up but even that's improving now.

Not suitable for young children

Vaccinated and neutered and 4-6 years old.


Lottie - 4 year old girl  'Waiting for a Foster Home'

Lottie is small, pretty and a bit feisty  - she's a cat who knows her own mind. 

Lottie is a great mouser and would probably do well on a farm or similar. 

She is nearly 4 years of age quite lively and naughty - probably a bit much for young children but she's fine and friendly with adults. 

Lottie is low maintenance as she likes to be outside quite a lot. 


When she first arrived Luna  was a very hissy, spitty puss  - she'd been recued by a kindly neighbour after she was thrown out of her home and her owner refused to feed her We had been told that this was a laid back male.  Nothing of the sort - SHE was a feisty very self-confident little girl!

Having been in foster for nine months now she’s much more chilled.  She will allow a little petting, but will let you know when she’s had enough with little lovebites. She will even allow a little gentle grooming but wouldn't be suitable for young children.

She likes attention and will tolerate other cats now as long as she is boss. She isn't a lap cat but does like to be around her humans so would suit someone looking for a more independent cat.

 She likes to play and takes a lot of interest in what is going on around her to the point of being nosey! 

Luna is 5 yrs old black and semi-longhaired but never seems to get any tangles so is low maintenance in that respect. She loves a fuss - head and chin rubs particularly and upper body.  She will be a very loving cat given time and patience and needs to be in a home with someone who is around a lot of the time to give her the affection and understanding she needs to help her realise that some humans really are quite ok and she will blossom.


She would love to have a garden to explore again, though she doesn’t seem to have minded being an indoor puss in foster.

She definitely grows on you with her cattitude!

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated


Connie & Callum 

Connie is the Tabby girl, Callum the black & white boy. Both pussy cats have the same mum, and are about 1 year old. Connie and Callum have lovely natures and love their food. 

They lived outside for the first months of their lives and are a little shy to begin with. They are looking for a quiet household so that they can continue to grow in confidence. They are good with each other, and get on with other cats. They would benefit from having another friendly cat in residence with them. 

Connie and Callum would love a home together, where they are loved and cared for. They will grow in confidence and make loving pets. 

These two absolutely love boxes to hide in and on occasion destroy. Should be fun. 

Chipped and Neutered 

Longwell Green 


Willow is estimated at 3 years old. She's very sweet but of course has her naughty tortie moments. She would be best as an only cat in an adult only household (or sensible children). She is a little 'hand shy' possibly due to mistreatment in the past. She prefers people when they're lying down, as they are probably less of a threat to her. As soon as Willow knows her foster dad is lying down for the night she's all friendly and purry. 

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 

Longwell Green


Dora is Boyd's mum and is about 5 years old. She doesn't like other cats, and would therefore be best as the only feline in her new home. She likes her fuss, but not being picked up, although she is beginning to get used to it. She would best be an only cat. Not suitable for young children as she prefers careful handling. 

Neutered and vaccinated 



Bubba is a gentle boy , 5years old and very much looking forward to finding his forever home. He is doing well, loving his fuss and attention. He gets on fine with his foster brother, Onion, so they could go together or on their own.

Neutered , vaccinated.


Luna & Lily 1

Luna is the black & white cat, Lily the white & tortie. They are sisters, two and a half years old.Both Luna and Lily have lovely natures, Lily being much more shy than Luna. These two are being re-homed together as they are very close. They will need somewhere that Luna can have all the fuss and Lily can settle at her own page. 

Spayed and Chipped 

Longwell Green 

Olivia 2

'Olivia is a beautiful black and white short hair with a pretty little face that looks like butter wouldn't melt. She sadly needs a new home as her last one was also home to a new baby who was allergic to cats. She is a playful lap cat who is 7 years young but loves playing chase with a piece of string, stalking it from behind furniture. She likes sitting with you but also likes her independence and freedom to roam about. She would be best suited to a family with older children or a couple who have plenty of time to be at home and play with her. She is a gorgeous natured cat who has a really funny personality but also has a snugly purry side. Needs to be the only pet and focus of attention'

Neutered and vaccinated


Chloe & Zoe
Would like to be Homed Together



Chloe is 9 years old, spayed and chipped. She had a flea allergy that was so bad her legs needed 10 days of bandaging. Her owners were unwilling to pay for the treatment so she was left at the vets for a PTS. She is a large lady who loves her food! Very talkative but does not like being picked up. She will only tolerate having her ears tickled for a short time and then gives you a 'bat' to say that's enough. Very home loving and doesn't wander far in the garden. Looking for a comfy retirement and a diet (although she doesn't know about that bit!) She doesn't like dogs and not suitable for small children.

Chloe will need regular flea treatments to keep her allergy at bay. 

Zoe came in as a 6 week old kitten and had a rough start in life. She was taken from her mum far too early and then mis-handled and had a huge distrust of humans. She wouldn't eat or use her tray if anyone was about in the daytime. It took her a long time to come around and that is thanks to Chloe. One day Zoe jumped out of her pen and instantly attached herself to Chloe. Chloe responded and took Zoe on as a little sister. She groomed her, played with her and instructed her in cat manners. Chloe did more in a few days to boost Zoe's confidence than I (foster mum) had done in months. We called her Zoe as she came to the name Chloe!

Zoe is now 8 months old and shortly to be spayed.


Zoe and Chloe often sleep together, eat from the same bowl and still play. Zoe is much better now and loves cuddles, laps and fussing. I would like them to go together as I know Zoe would benefit from Chloe's calm outgoing nature to settle her into a new home. If there was one reason Chloe was saved from a PTS it was to re-habilitate Zoe and she has done me proud.



Tabby spent the first three months of her life living rough with her mum and her two sisters. She is now a year old and looking for a quiet forever home. She is quite small with pretty markings and a little white patch on her chest. She didn't have any contact with people when she was young but she has come on quite nicely and, although wary of strangers, is happy to be handled by people she knows and trusts. She is quite vocal and quick to let you know if she wants something. If she can't see you when she comes home, she will also call to find out where you are. She is friendly and affectionate. She likes to be cuddled and will go completely limp in your arms, or she will happily stretch out on your lap for a nap. In order to feel safe and secure, she will need to be an only cat in her forever home. Whilst she is a passive cat who would never start a fight, she has had a few bullying problems with one of her fosterer's cats and is a bit nervous of other cats. For this reason, a cat flap is also a must so that she can escape into the secure environment of her home.

Chipping Sodbury

Fifi and Frosty
Need a home together

Fifi and Frosty

These two were born in the wild to a stray mum and were not handled at all until they were three months old. Now a year old, they are still very close and are looking for a home together. Fifi is a big gentle softy. She's a dead ringer for the cat on the Felix box and is very trusting, loving and affectionate. She enjoys being cuddled and having a lap to sit on. She adores her humans and loves to be wherever you are and always announces her arrival with a chirp. Frosty is fairly independent and won't do anything she doesn't want to do. In the battle of wills that ensued, her fosterer decided it was better to let her come around in her own time which seems to be working. She is also affectionate and loving but will require some patience to allow her to fully develop. She loves to be stroked and fussed and now likes to be close to her humans. She will fall asleep lying on your feet on the floor or will curl up next to you and she occasionally creeps onto your lap but she does not yet trust anyone enough to allow them to pick her up. However, she is a sweet natured cat and we feel it's only a matter of time.

As with many cats who have had a wild start, they can both be a bit jumpy and wary of sudden loud noise. Consequently, they are looking for a quiet, patient home without boisterous young children, where their forever humans can give them the time and attention they deserve.

Chipping Sodbury


Heidi is five years old. She's spayed, chipped and vaccinated. She has become quite bossy to the other cats in her foster home so would be better as an only cat.

Our lovely Heidi (aka Hidey!!) has really come out of her shell now she's been safe in foster care for a while. This pretty girl was terrified when she was left abandoned in an empty flat, and hid herself away. Now she's a ...purry, affectionate little cat.

She still loves to hide and I'm sure she thinks finding new places to hide so she can pop out and surprise you is a great game!!

Heidi is five years old. She's spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated. She would prefer to be an only pampered puss.



Susie is a little cutie who's very affectionate to the point of demanding! She is a very talkative girl and just adores fuss and attention and can give little love bites so best with no young children. She's a tiny,dainty little thing and very pretty with cute eyebrows!

Cadbury Heath 


McColl is a quiet , gentle 5 year old fluffyacious girl who found the new baby in her home too stressful. She's a little shy to begin with and would prefer to be the only pampered puss in your life so she can have all the fuss. She'll need a little time to settle but is very forthcoming with headbumps and smooches!




12 year old Misty was given up as her owner emigrated to Australia; she's a really sweet little thing who looks and acts much younger and loves to be out in the sunshine exploring the garden. When she's had her fill she'll happily snuggle up for a cuddle and tell you about her day! 

She has been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but she has no symptoms and requires no treatment and there's no reason that should change. We realise that could put potential adopters off so we would be happy for her to go as a longterm foster in the Bristol area and BWCR would fund any treatment if it was needed for her heart.

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated.




Smudge (what else!) is a quiet, gentle natured girl who's quite chatty especially when she wants her food. She loves a fuss and is easily dominated by other cats so would prefer a quieter home all to herself. If she gets stressed she has a habit of 'attacking' her tail but the stress is 99% other cats and she's soon over it - she's obviously not brave enough to swipe whatever's actually bothering her! She's a lovely, lazy cat, very easy and undemanding and would be great for an older person or anyone with a quiet lifestyle.

6 years old, neutered, chipped and vaccinated

Staple Hill

Bella & Lillie 3
Home from Home Adoption

Bella (6) and Lillie (5) are mum and doting daughter. 

Bella is mum, she is the softest natured and coat of any cat I have ever known. She likes to mother her daughter and even other cats and humans. Bella is a loving cat who loves to sit on laps but also loves spending time having fun and frolics I the garden with her daughter Lillie. 

Lillie prefers her mother's company and calls for her if she is missing her. Lillie likes to spend most of her time playing in the garden or snuggled up with her mum.

Both are neutered and had vaccination but theses need boosters now. De Fleaed and wormed and fully litter trained. Great around kids although Lillie will give them a wide birth. These 2 beautiful cats would make a great tag team addition to any family or person looking to share their home with great personalities. 

We are sad to say goodbye but parting with tears of happiness and joy as we move abroad and Bella and Lillie share a happy new home together.

Nr Thornbury 

Smudge & Tabby
Home from Home Adoption

Smudge is black and white long haired domestic and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap being cuddled, but she scratches furniture, which is a lot worse now that she doesn't get the attention she craves. 


Tabby is as her name suggests a brown and white tabby, she spends a lot of time outside and loves catching animals, she can scratch furniture but she does tend to do most of her scratching outside rather than inside. 


I really do hope you can help and we'd be more than willing to pay any expenses for them to be rehomed as our priority is to make sure they go to a good home. 


 She is a beautiful,  tall, elegant tortie and white girl, quite shy at first but is coming for a quick head scratch after only 24 hours in foster so should be fine once she is settled. Nahla is neutered and will be chipped and vaccinated too - 

She is a very sweet thing, a little cautious but certainly not scared and the first to come check out visitors who come by the house. Whilst she isn't a cuddler, she does like a fuss when she is settled in one of her sleeping places and is purring when you do fuss her. She is desperate to go explore the garden so would love someone with some outdoor space for her to play in. Chipped, neutered and vaccinated.





Sweet tortie, 5 years old who would like a quieter home with her humans all to her self. She's a little shy to begin with but once she relaxes she's quite chatty and seeks you out for affection.... and food! She loves a fuss and just needs someone to give her a bit of time to settle in.

Neutered, chipped, vaccinated

Staple Hill


This is Daisy, shes about 6 years old and still very kitten like. She

didnt have a good start to life and hasnt learned how to keep her claws

in when playing often getting over excited so best with no children.

Daisy also hates other cats but loves one to one fuss and is getting

more used to being picked up. She will really blossom into a lovely cat

once she is on her own. 

Shes neutered and fully vaccinated.


Home from Home Adoption

Some detail on Fizz:


A 9 year old outdoor cat, she eats Purina chicken biscuits so not very expensive to feed as a big bag around £8 will last well over a month.

Because of her diet she has a very glossy coat and is extremely smooth to the touch.

Very healthy – the only visit she has had to the vets was because of some guest fleas!

She likes to sit on window ledges and make "chirping" noises when looking at birds.

She isn't a lap cat but loves being smoothed and shows her appreciation by being very vocal.

She loves playing – my husband spends a lot of time with her pulling a simple piece of string or a long stick and she will chase it for ages.

She is a bit wary of strangers but once she gets to know you she will let you know.

I've never witnessed her get her claws out for anyone.  Very friendly cat.

Although we did have a dog she is very wary of them and will suit a dog free home.


As Fizz is an older cat I think she would suit someone who lives in a quiet house with no children.  Although she has been brought up with my daughter she isn't one for being held and constantly being picked up and will struggle to jump if held too tight.


To summarise, Fizz is an easy to look after cat and extremely friendly if a little shy at first.  She hasn't any vaccinations but if that proves a problem I am more than happy to pay for vaccinations prior to rehoming. Fizz has been spayed. 

Central Bristol



Max is 4and a half. Born Portugal. Came over with me. Love to be outside in summer. Will need a cat flap. He is loving, purrs a lot. Loves his head massaged, and with nails if poss to chuckle under his chin!! Eats packet ham, only 'bird' cat foods i.e. Chicken, turkey, poultry. Whiskas treats and Goody bag treats. Not keen on other cats in his domain. Hope this is enough for now. Oh yes, he is innoculated or will be this month and has his passport. Many thanks, Chris Detheridge

Urgent as owner moving into sheltered accommodation,  she can take her female cat as she's happy indoors but Max won't be and not safe for him to go out...

Staple Hill


Sweet little Pudding,  she's a little chubby but nothing a few wanders round a garden won't sort. 

She was adopted from us a few years ago but unfortunately her owner has died. Pudding is 14 now and looking for her retirement home. She's gentle and loves attention and would love a quieter home where she can all the spoiling to herself. 





Sweet Sukie is 8 years old and a friendly little soul who loves cuddles.  She would like a garden to chill in and somewhere peaceful to snooze the day away. She hates other cats so would like you all to herself. 




Lovely Mitzi was unwanted by her owner and taken to the vet to be put to sleep, she's only 10 and in great health so they refused and rang us instead.

She's lovely, a real smoocher who just loves attention from her humans. She would prefer to be an only cat though.





Duxhess is very laid-back  but loves a good cuddle. She's staked out her spot on the windowsill for sunbathing and has decided the sofa bed is her deluxe-size cat bed. Approx 2-3 years old and not yet neutered, chipped or vaccinated. 

Home from Home Adoption

Orb is a neutered male cat that currently is not up to date with vaccinations, but we will be taking him to the vets to have his vaccinations restarted. Orb is also micro-chipped. Orb is a wonderfully affectionate and chirpy 8 year old half Bengal cat who we have had since he was a kitten. He has grown up with his sister and for the last 5 years been living with our dog too. He loves the company of people, but also has his independent streak of wanting to explore the outdoors. Being Bengal he does love water one of his favourite past-times if he is allowed is to drink from a running tap! Although never having lived with children he has on numerous occasions met friend's children who he has always been friendly with.

Sadly, at the end of May this year, Orb suffered a suspected trauma, and was paralysed for about a week. He was kept in and examined by the vets, and miraculously began to recover his movement. After being discharged by the vets, and with a rigorous physiotherapy program, we have helped nurse Orb back to full health. He can walk, run, jump, and play to his heart's content now, with the only remaining sign of his paralysis being a slightly 'wiggly' gait.  Having him back to his best is a real joy for us, but unfortunately during his convalescence, his sister Tia, seems to have taken a liking to her own space, and the dynamic between Orb and Tia seems to have now gone wrong. 

So we have reached the sad position that we think that Orb would benefit from finding a new home, and we hope that you will love and enjoy him as much as we have. You will probably never meet a happier, friendlier and more characterful cat.


This is Sophie, a very pretty girl with silky thick blue/grey fir and little white socks, nose and bib. Sophie has had a traumatic time which has left her quite an anxious girl who needs a forever home where she can have some room to chill out and relax into a more happy life. Sophie has been with her foster mum for a couple of months now and is making real improvement, she has gone from being an aggressive kitty to a lot more affectionate with a bit of a breakthrough when she snuggled up on the sofa for a cuddle recently! Sophie is a real character, it's almost like she wants to be a normal snuggly kitty but is sometimes to frightened to relax…. with some love and a nice new home her foster mum thinks she will settle. Although she has made massive progress Sophie does still have her moments so would not be suitable for a home with small children or other cats. She would love a home with some nice outside space she can explore and some comfy quiet places for her to snooze. Sophie just needs some patience and someone who is willing to give her a nice happy home.


Home from Home Adoption

 Gimli is about 3 years old. He was recently neutered and has a chip

 ready to be registered. He hung around, sleeping under a motorbike

 cover for around 6 weeks until we made him an outdoor box.


 If we could, we would love to keep him, but our established cat family

 (We already have 5 adult cats aged 10+ who have all grown up together,

 plus a very shy stray who joined us last year), aren't too keen. Gimli

 tolerates them but does not really get on with them so best he's an only cat.


 He is very friendly, loving and affectionate, once he gets to know you

 and he likes rubbing his head against yours. He doesn't like fast

 arm/hand movements. He will happily sit on you and loll, or sit next

 to you and be fussed. He can be quite "chatty" if you aren't paying

 him the attention he thinks he deserves.



Little sweetie and total purry lapcat, Gloria is about 2 years old and has already had several litters of kittens. She's now enjoying being spoiled and having lots of cuddles which she loves.  She's a little shy to begin with as she was one of many in her previous home and didn't get much attention but she's making up for it now.  Fine with other cats. 

Neutered, chipped,  had first vaccination. 



Socks is guesstimated 4/5year old boy who is chipped, neutered and had first vaccination. He is a very friendly chap who loves a fuss.  He also enjoys his food and a windowsill.  He is used to other cats around and also dogs.  




Charlie guesstimate age 4/5 young man with a friendly personality.  Shy for the first couple of days (buried his head in the kitchen corner so he felt as he couldn't see us we couldn't see him! but now a purr puss. Neutered, chipped and first vaccination.  Has been gate crashing with another couple of cats and a dog.  Would love a new home where he can go outside and play.




Dexter is my big gentle bear but after splitting with my partner and expecting a second child I feel that I will struggle to cope with a pet. Dexter is a 4 year old black and white short haired male cat. He is neutered and micro-chipped, up to date with vaccinations and great around children. Dexter has always been our only pet so I don't think he would cope with being in a home with other pets. I would love to find a loving home for my boy, home visits are welcome.


Billy & Bobby

They’re 1 year old brothers, have got lovely natures and have lived with children and dogs but have never been outside. Being neutered and chipped tomorrow. Billy (on the left) is the more confident of the 2 and is into everything, Bobby is a little shy but still very friendly.

Longwell Green


Tinkerbell is about 8 years old. Her old owners were no longer able to look after her and she ended up spending a lot of time outside. She loves chasing after the cat laser and is very affectionate. She had a kitten a few years ago and he has already been rehomed. She doesn't get on with other cats so is looking for a home as an only cat. Tinkerbell is spayed.



She's 10 but she doesn't look it at all. She's absolutely gorgeous with her lush markings and white socks. She's not very demanding and is no problem staying on her own - I keep her in one room and she seems fine about it. She's ventured outside of it a couple of times but she runs back to my room quickly if she hears an unfamiliar noise, or tries to find a hiding place somewhere else - so I think someone with a little patience, no small children or pets would be the ideal home as she's still working on her confidence. Overall though, she's a joy to be around and I hope she finds a good home.

she's very gentle and has a lot of love to give and when she gets 

used to you a little, she will come for cuddles. She loves having her head and ears scratched, she'll give you kisses and headbumps, and she'll sleep close to you (though she often sleeps under the bed during the day). Sometimes she likes to crawl under the duvet and curl up next to you. She's not 'in your face' though.



Mimi & Baby Ragdoll
Home from Home Adoption

Beautiful 10 year old sisters who have just been vet checked and pronounced fit and healthy.

They love each other and often curl up together so are looking for a new home as a pair.

They like to lie on windowsills or have a little wander in the garden to soak up even more sun and would like a quieter home as they're quite shy and wary around new people.

Once they've settled they love attention though!



Home from Home Adoption

Lovely long haired 6 year old Poppy is looking for a new home as she's scared of the resident dog who just wants to play with her. She's taken to permanently living upstairs although she would really like to go outside again...

She would prefer to be an only pampered puss in her new home and she's very cuddly and friendly with her humans and their children, it's just the bouncy dog that's too much!


Poppy is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations plus flead and wormed. 

Home from Home Adoption

Thumper is 7 years old. She is a very friendly and quite vocal cat who loves to sit on your lap and she always greets visitors with a leg rub!


Recently Thumper has become very stressed and is constantly grooming herself. She has removed some hair from her tummy and from her back. She is also overweight and we think she is very unhappy living with her daughter ( 4 years old). 


She needs a loving home where she can feel content again - she needs to be the only cat in the household. She is neutered and regularly frontlined. 

Cassie & Lexie

Cassie is about 15 weeks and Lexie 13 weeks so not related but they are very close so we want to home them together thanks-not directly related.


Cassie is the oldest and she loves to jump up on your back and sit on your shoulder for some reason, she is very inquisitive and gets into everything including my work bag, definitely the dominant of the 2, Lexie is a little bit shy of strangers at first but it dosent take long for her to come round as she loves to be smoothed and made a fuss of. they both love sleeping and just chilling on your lap and tend to follow me everywhere I go around the house just to see what im doing, including the toilet lol


Home from Home Adoption

Humbug is a young neutered male he is very loving but isn't crazy about being picked up. He would like some young cats to play with he as he'sbouncy and boisterous and full of fun. He's not as brave as he thinks though as he rarely leaves his garden.




Friendly affectionate boy who loves people but is happy to entertain himself too. He was pretty much left to fend for himself outside by his owners and is now appreciating being in the warm and the dry now with regular meals.

He'd obviously been living under cars as he was covered in oil and his fur was in dreadlocks so he's been shaved poor boy!

Spook is about 4 years old and not quite a lap cat yet but definitely enjoying being part of a family again. 





Archie is a big handsome boy, very smoochy although he doesn't like being picked up but to be honest at 6. 7 kg you'd need strong arms anyway!

The problem is he hates other cats and so regularly leaves home and the other resident cat for weeks at a time and does the rounds of all the neighbours. 

He does a good impression of a starving cat and everyone feeds him and cuddles him so his owner thinks it would be best for both her cats if we found him a new home.

Archie would like to be the only pet in his new home and to have regular meals as he really loves his belly;  he's been well loved and is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated and about 3 years old.

Staple Hill


well-mannered, gentle, neutered,micro chipped, fleaed, wormed and vaccinated. Litter trained and tidyeaters! Has lived with a baby and now with my two junior age


Gwen is a small and friendly little girl who likes her own company, but once

she trusts you will love nothing more than to hop on your lap and have her

tummy rubbed to start her motor. Gwen shows her love by reciprocating with

lots of licking and kissing.



Chloe lived with an elderly lady for 16 years as a housecat, though she does like to go out occasionally.  The old lady passed away a couple of months ago and her son took Chloe in.  However, he has an absolute menagerie and Chloe really doesn't like other cats though she did get on with a dog.  

Chloe is quite vocal but very friendly, she's not a lap cat as far as I can work out but she does like her head to be scratched and stroked along her back.  

She is quite a character, not suitable for a young family, probably an older person or couple would suit her best where she would get all the fuss she desired

She comes with all her papers and vet history.  Chloe is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and has had a dental.



Sweet Bella is Simba's sister and also a Persian cross but she's not as brave as him; they get on fine together but aren't especially close so can be homed separately.  Bella is very gentle and likes a fuss and has never been outside, she is shy to begin with and would prefer a quiet, adult only home and would be content to be an indoor cat,  the outside world is a step too far bless her.

Neutered,  chipped and has first vaccination



Lovely chunky Persian cross Simba is 3 years old and has thumbs!  His owner is unwell and he's come in with sister Bella but they're not particularly close so can be homed together or separately. 

He's a sweet, gentle boy,  fine with other cats and has mainly been an indoor cat just popping out for a few minutes and then straight back in so he has no road sense and will need somewhere away from busy roads.  He's not met little humans so an adult only, quieter home is probably best.

Neutered,  chipped and had first vaccination

Staple Hill

Home from Home Adoption

We adopted Jessie from Hereford Cats Protection in February 2008 as an eight week old kitten.  Until May this year she spent her time in a small rural village on the edge of Black Mountains.  

At the start Jessie was a feisty, independent but a very likeable cat much at home living in the country.  Over time she mellowed without losing her personality. 

Sadly since moving to the Bristol area she has failed to adapt to the change and has become nervous, and withdrawn.  She is insecure and looks for company which, owing to commitments, we cannot always provide.  Ideally she needs a home in reasonably quiet surroundings without very young children or dogs.  

From the day we brought her home she has, without exception, been a clean cat.  She is neutered, micro chipped and up to date with her vaccinations.

Cats needing: farm/stables/smallholding

Three lovely cats 4-5 years old looking for a farm/stables type home where they can display their not inconsiderable talents as mousers! They will need shelter, fresh water and a supply of dried food but will more than earn their keep for you. These are proper feral cats - they won't ever be pets.



Araminta is one of three cats dumped earlier this year. She is a sweet and friendly girl who is desperate for her special fireside. She gave birth to a litter of kittens while she was dumped but has now been neutered and is ready for a new home.


Loki, named after the Norse God of mischief, doesn't live up to his name! Once a stray, Loki is now happy in his foster home. He is a large, friendly boy, adventurous and curious about the world but also very loving. He's waiting for that special person to choose him; in the meantime there is lots of exploring to be done!


Sabrina is a beautiful little girl, about 2 years old. Her markings are very attractive with the dark tortie being almost black. She is a people cat but is not happy in the company of all the other cats in her foster  home and keeps herself away from them. She would suit a home with only one or no other cats. 

Sabrina takes herself for a walk around the block every day, so after a period of being indoors to get used to her new surroundings would appreciate being given outdoor freedom.



is a handsome, big lad, about 18 months old. He is very friendly once he knows you but is understandably wary of new people, as are many cats. He is placid, laid-back, good in the company of other cats and enjoys a fuss. As an older kitten he was left to his own devices in his garden, because of his owner's drink problem. He still enjoys being outside but will appreciate home comforts once the winter comes. Freddie is a really gentle boy who deserves plenty of love and attention.

Neutered & Chipped



came from the same home as Freddie, the tabby and white boy. She has a beautiful long coat that needs minimal attention at present. She is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys being stroked and fussed but is a bit wary of being picked up. That may change once she is in her own home with her own, trusted family. She is about four years old. Mable is looking forward to having her long hair groomed. 

Neutered & Chipped



is a young male, another very friendly lad. He came in from a home that couldn't have cared less about him. He was left outside most of the time and fed when the owners remembered to do so. Consequently he really appreciates mealtimes and anyone dishing out his food is Jack's most favourite person in the whole world! He also enjoys having the freedom to go outside but will most definitely enjoy home comforts once he has a home of his own!

Millie & Sophie

Millie, the white female is 7 years old. She is a lively friendly girl in good health. Millie hasn't taken well to a new puppy that has been introduced into the household. The owners don't want to part with the puppy and feel it is best that Millie is re-homed. Millie is great with people, likes to go outside, although she sticks to the garden. She is happy with a quiet life. 

Sophie, Millie's companion, is friendly and enjoyed peace and quiet. It would be nice if the two could go together as Millie has known Sophie all her life. Sophie is tolerant of the puppy, so it is more important that Millie is re-homed. 

Both cats are Neutered


This very handsome and very friendly boy is Garfield, a stray who has come in to foster. We don't think he is very old - perhaps a couple of years - and he is affectionate and lively. He does like to play roughly so would suit a home with no young children and may be another cat for company and to play with but not essential. 

Home from Home Adoption

Sally is a ten-year old, spayed tabby cat. She is very playful and used to be a good hunter but has become intimidated by the large number of cats living next door to us. She will not fight other cats or defend her territory and so now she very rarely leaves the house and has become nervous.

She would love to have a new home where she's able to go outside again and enjoy herself - she would also like a lap - as you can see form the pictures, she likes laps!


Sonny 1 & Jim

Sonny and Jim are too happy, playful little brothers, about 9 - 10 weeks old. They were found in an electricity sub-station with their mother, Gem.


Gem was a good mother to Sonny and Jim (above) even though only a youngster herself. She is lively, nosey, a bit of a scavenger if there is food around, very friendly and loves to wrap herself around your legs. 


Beti is the mother of Disney, Dipsy and Sonny. She is a pretty little tortie, friendly and sweet.

Sonny 2

This is Sonny, one of Luna's companions. He is nearly 5 months old, a little wary of strangers but a beautiful boy.


Five month old Disney is Sonny's brother, a beautiful little tabby. Like Sonny, Disney is nervous of strangers but will be a lovely companion once he knows you.


Dipsy is the third brother and another little beauty!

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