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If you would like to adopt a cat all the information you need is on 'The adoption process' page; once you've read the boring stuff come and see our little beauties!

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Thank you for your patience!

When you adopt from us, did you know that you are helping TWO cats? By rescuing, you free up that foster place for another cat in need.

Senior Kittizens




No suggested adoption fee for our Old Age Pusscats but any donations are very welcome as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.


Millie (10-11 years old) is very friendly with people, but doesn't like other cats. She also likes her food - she was left outside in her previous home and had to scavenge for food so she makes the most of it now. 

Millie can be a bit timid when she first meets you but soon settles in and even likes to play a little. 

Millie is looking for a lovely retirement home where she can be an only cat and receive all the love she's missed out on. 

Millie is having her ear tips removed soon as we noticed they looked a bit raw and scabby and the vet confirms she has cancer there due to sun exposure - it's been caught very early though and hasn't spread so she'll be fine - she'll just look like a teddy bear!!


Milo - 'Special home needed for a special boy'

Milo is a shy boy but very loving once he knows you; he's 4-5 years old but has unfortunately tested positive for Feline Leukaemia Virus.

He's perfectly healthy at the moment and his foster dad will give full back with any problems relating to his condition.

Milo needs to be an only cat in an indoor home and hopefully will have many more years - we've rehomed two similar cats both who are doing very well a few years down the line so we just need someone to give Milo a chance...

Longwell Green

Colin (but should be Coleen!) - home from home adoption

9-year-old Colin's owners have made the very hard decision to put her up for rehoming as she's unhappy living with two small children. She is therefore looking for a new, calmer home where she can be the centre of attention once more.

Colin is very friendly and talkative and enjoys being stroked, with lots of head/ear rubs.  She likes company and will come to find you wherever you are in the house (as long as the children aren't around of course), including accompanying you to the toilet so she can jump in the bath and have a sneaky little drink from the cold tap!  She's not keen on being picked up and doesn't often sit on your lap, but will come and snuggle up next to you and goes all silly and 'inside out and upside down' when she's fussed, showing off her pretty tummy.  She spends most of her time upstairs on the bed these days, to avoid the children, so would love to have a whole house to herself again. She would also prefer to be an only cat.



10-year-old Jasmine had to move out of her home as she didn’t get on with the family puppy. She can be a little shy so she would be best suited to a quiet home where she can get to know her new family in her own time. She may never be a lap cat but she is very chatty, loves being around people and enjoys nothing more than cuddling up on the bed; once she is settled, she will purr and paddle away when stroked.

Her foster mum would love to keep her but feels she is best suited to being an outdoor cat as her hunting skills are wasted on string and fabric mice! Despite her age, once she sees a ribbon, she is like a kitten again and will play at any opportunity.

Jasmine is microchipped, neutered and fully vaccinated. She has recently had blood tests - results of which have come back fine - and a dental procedure, so a bit of an MOT! What the vet did mention is that she could do with losing a bit of weight!

St Paul's


Max is adorable - not very brave and not very bright, just a big dopey teddy bear of a cat! He turned up as a stray with a nasty eye infection; after a few months of tests and antibiotics it's all sorted but it had been going on for such a long time it's left him with hyperpigmentation - so he has guyliner!

The vet thinks he's 10ish and he's in good health and just had a dental; he loves his food a bit too much so you'll have to be firm with him as he's getting a bit porky!

Neutered and vaccinated



Sassy is 3 years old and is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. She is a friendly puss and loves her food and cat treats! She has had an injury in the past to one of her back legs but it doesn't seem to give her much trouble and doesn't require any treatment.

Sassy tolerates other cats but would prefer to be in a single cat household, ideally with no young children.

Neutered and vaccinated.


Lucy 2

Lucy is very loving and very much a lap cat. She is only about 10 months old but has already had kittens; she is now spayed and chipped, ready to begin her new life.

Lucy is like a big kitten and can play a little roughly, she also gives little lovebites  - they don't hurt and it's just her getting carried away but she's probably best with no young children. She doesn't like other animals much so would be better as an only cat in her new home.



Although Mary has already been a mum, she's only about a year old and still very kittenish and playful. She's also very loving and confident so would make a great family pet. She is now neutered and loves to be outdoors so a garden is a must; she's also good with other cats.

Frampton Cotterell


Tessie was found living in a Tesco car park and she's obviously used to fending for herself as he's quite an independent little soul. She's very loving and affectionate but she's a typical tortie with a bit of cattitude and will tell you when she's had enough!

She has personality in spades and would be better in an adult only home and not surprisingly she hates other cats so needs to be your only pampered princess! Tessie is 2-3 years, neutered and vaccinated and would love to come take over your life!!



Barbara is about 2 years old and is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. She's very small and dainty and can be quite shy but once she knows you, loves her fuss. A quiet home with no young children would suit her best. She's not great with other cats - she loved Alice for some strange reason although it wasn't reciprocated (!) but she's probably best as an only cat as she's very gentle and could be bullied.

She walks with a bit of a limp but the vet has said that it's probably a shortened tendon in her leg causing the problem. It's not painful and needs no treatment.

Neutered and fully vaccinated.



Briciola is a 7 year old tortoiseshell female.. Spayed and vaccinated with certificates.. She is very friendly and affectionate.. Most definitely a lap cat :) she enjoys wet food and tummy rubs. 

Sadly her owner is terminally ill with cancer and has had to rehome his cats. Wouldn't be suitable with young children or any other animals.. BEING HOMECHECKED


Sierra - 18 months old 

Sierra came in as a stray and was very timid at first but is getting better every day. She now loves her cuddles and fuss with her foster mum, but is still wary of strangers. 

Neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. 



Scallywag is a beautiful 9 year old tabby girl. She is very self-assured-knows what she wants, and most of the time what she wants is company and cuddles. She is not the slightest bit shy, and is a fluffy, stripy purr factory. 

She loves attention but can nibble a bit when she's being made a fuss of, so probably wouldn't be suitable for a family with small children. As she enjoys being the centre of attention, she'd be best as the only cat in her home, but may be happy with a dog. 

Scallywag has no common sense when it comes to roads, so would need to live on a quiet street. 

Scally needs a new home as her current owner is away more and more with work and can't continue to look after her. She would make a super  easy cat to adopt - just bring her in and she'll be exploring, purring and cuddling straight away.  

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. 


Olivia - 4-6 year old girl 

Olivia came in as a stray. She has very thick long fur, and will need daily brushing. Thankfully she really enjoys being brushed. She's not so keen on being picked up, but loves her fuss. 

Not suitable for young children

Vaccinated and neutered. 


Lottie - 4 year old girl  'Waiting for a Foster Home'

Lottie is small, pretty and a bit feisty  - she's a cat who knows her own mind. 

Lottie is a great mouser and would probably do well on a farm or similar. 

She is nearly 4 years of age quite lively and naughty - probably a bit much for young children but she's fine and friendly with adults. 

Lottie is low maintenance as she likes to be outside quite a lot. 


Winston is 8 years old. Unfortunately his owner had to move and was let down by friends who said they would take him. Winston is very friendly and chilled. He is very affectionate toward people.

Currently living with Lola, but they don't get on very well and need to be homed separately. 

Neutered,chipped and vaccinated 



Lola is 5 years old. She is very friendly, relaxed and affectionate with people. Unfortunately her owner had to move and couldn't take her. 

Currently living with Winston, but they don't get on very well and would need to be homed separately. 

Neutered,chipped and vaccinated 



Dylan  is a 4 year old boy, big and dopey. He nibbles you gently if he thinks he's being ignored! Dylan has Autoimmune Keratitis in his right eye. This can flare up when he is stressed, but he just needs steroid drops in his eye for a few days and it clears up beautifully. 

When he first came into foster care both eyes were infected, and he was practically blind. His owners just left him in the garden to fend for himself. His left eye is now cured and his eyesight is perfect....all for a few pounds at the vets. 

Despite his uncaring owners, Dylan loves people. He can be a bit shy at first but once he settles he's an affectionate soul. 

Dylan needs a quieter home with no young children or other animals. He's a big black panther of a cat, really stunning. 

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 



Reggie is 4 years old. He is a big softie and loves a lap. He enjoys sleeping and sometimes will play with a ball, and loves chasing shadows. He needs to be an only cat as he doesn't want to share anyone's attention. He would be fine with older children. He is a little shy to begin with but loves a fuss, and being stroked. He will stand on his hind legs so he can smooch you better. He has only recently been neutered thus retaining that lovely jowly look about him. 

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 



Luna was rescued by a kindly neighbour after she'd been thrown out of her home. Luna was understandably disturbed but after being in foster care is beginning to relax. She will allow a little petting, but will let you know when she's had enough. An adult only house would suit her best. 

Luna likes attention, doesn't like other cats much, but will tolerate them. Luna plays well and takes a lot of interest in what is going on around her. 

Luna needs a home with someone who can give her affection and the understanding she needs. 

Neutered and Microchipped 



Beautiful Topsy was taken in by one of our fosterers after she was found wandering around the tracks at Yate Railway. 

She's an absolutely lovely little girl who loves cuddles and company. She's very confident, has a huge purr and a delightful croaky miaow-she loves to chat. She does have a bit of limp, but two separate vets have checked her over and can find nothing wrong, so we think it must be from a historic injury. Other than that she's in perfect health. 

Estimated at 5 years old. 

Her foster mum thinks she'd probably be best as an only cat, but she didn't seem bothered by the dogs at the vets so may be OK with a dog that knows its place. She would also be OK with Pet Savvy Children. 


Home From Home Adoption

My husband and i are the owners of a beautiful ginger Tom called: Archie. He is about 10 years old and lives with us in Henleaze, Bristol. 

We are having to move house and we cannot take Archie to the flat we are moving to. 

Bear & Curly

2 year old Bear and 3 year old Curly are mother and son. Both are very gentle sweet cats looking for a quiet home where they can be the centre of attention, feel comfortable and relaxed. They previously lived with an excitable toddler whom they couldn't adapt to and spent much of their time  in the garden waiting for the coast to clear so they could find a warm bed. Their owner couldn't let them live like that so had to give them up. 

When they arrived in foster care they were very nervous, over grooming and hid under the sofa. With some coaxing with Dreamies and a Feliway plugin, they've now had a chance to relax and started to become affectionate cats. 

They love sitting in the window admiring the garden. They would ideally suit a quiet household with no children and a garden of their own. 

Neutered, flea-treatment and wormed. 


Cookie & Muffin 
Home from Home Adoption

Cookie (the tortoiseshell) is about 5, very friendly and sociable. 

Muffin (the ginger one) is her daughter and about 4. She can be a bit nervous with strangers but is fine once she gets to know people. 

Cookie and Muffin can be homed together or separately. 

Both cats spayed. 


Timmy is a very cuddly 18 imonth old boy. He is being re-homed as he didn't get on with the pet rat-showing a little too much interest. He was also bullied by the other cat in the house. Timmy is fine with dogs and children, he loves attention and is sharing digs with Dave - they get on ok so could be homed as a pair.

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Staple Hill

Mr. Tabby 
give this pussy cat a name & new home
Home from Home Adoption

This neutered male is seeking a home. He is estimated at 5 years old and has turned up as a stray. Mr. Tabby is very friendly and likes to sit on laps. He would be best as an only cat as the kindly person who took him has kittens-he isn't over keen on them. 

Chipping Sodbury


Tizzy is a lovely friendly mum of about 2 years old. Tizzy will be looking for a new home at the end of April once she's been spayed. 

She's very chilled and friendly, fine with children of all ages - she hates dogs though!



Gorgeous big soft boy about 4 years old; Pudding is not very brave. He was adopted as a stray but his new owner couldn't keep him. 

He's shy and runs from sudden movements, panics if he's picked up and wouldn't come near me for the first 3 weeks, but every time I sit down now he's straight on my lap for cuddles. He loves being stroked, chirps and purps all the time in contentment, has a tiny squeaky miaow, absolutely loves his food, plays like a kitten and is just the happiest sweetest boy in the world. 

He's fine with other cats and would probably quite like some gentle feline company to mooch about with. 

If you have the patience to wait a few weeks for him to settle you'll have a wonderful little friend. 

Neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. 



Thumbs is super friendly polydactyl. He is about 15 years old, and has just had his thyroid removed and is doing really well. He loves attention and cuddles. He is looking for a retirement home with a soft lap. 


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Cleo is a very sweet lady, she's quiet and unassuming; loves sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by. She would really love a garden to explore once more. Cleo is 4 years old and was taken in as a stray. Unfortunately her previous owners had a dog who kept attacking her so for her own safety she was kept in the bedroom in a cat basket. She now loathes her basket making trips to the vets a bit of a challenge. That aside she's a lovely affectionate girl. 

Neutered and Chipped. 



Boris (2) is about 15 years old and rehomed last year to an elderly gentleman who has unfortunately become very ill and can no-longer care for him. Boris just wants a quiet home with lots of love and snuggles; he's been an indoor cat and is content to stay that way, or could potter around a garden but he won't go far. He just wants a lap and someone to watch TV with. 



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Gorgeous affectionate little lap cat. She is so, so cuddly. She is very small, and very noisy in true tortie style. She is fine with litter box and gobbles her dry food, and has been super easy. The minute she arrived in foster care she strutted around like she owned the place, making herself right at home. 

Probably needs to be an only pet as she got on (only OKish) with her previous owners other cat and dog. 

2 years old and neutered. 



Lovely little Misty is 12 years old. She is a bit shy to start with but absolutely desperate for cuddles and attention. She would like a quieter home and would like to be an only cat or have another gentle friend as she can get bossed about by more confident cats. She's off to the vet for a dental soon but then she'll be raring to go. At her check up it was found that Misty has a heart murmur so she's having a scan to find out what's going on. 

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 

Staple Hill 

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Annie is 6 years old, very confident and friendly. She is also quite playful for a 6 year old. She's a lovely little thing with the softest fur. Luckily she likes cuddles because it's hard to resist picking her up and snuggling her. 

Neutered, chipped, and vaccinated. 

Staple Hill

Home from Home Adoption

Garfield is a gorgeous 5 year old male. He has shared a house with another cat and dog. He would be happiest as an only cat or with a friendly dog. He has long ginger hair which needs regular grooming. He loves his food. He spent the first 3 years of life amidst a young family. He likes affection but is quite independent. No medical conditions.

Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. 


Home from Home Adoption 

Gizmo is 6 years old. He came from a house with another cat and dog. He was not too friendly towards the other cat but loved the dog; rubbed himself all over her and shared her bed. Short black and white haired pussy cat. He would make an ideal lap-cat with lots of attention. No medical conditions. 

Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated 



Chester is  a very sweet boy, about 1 year old. Since being separated from his older female companion Chester's personality has blossomed. He's become much more confident and lively. He's a bit shy to begin with and not desperately keen to be picked up, but loves to play and snuggle with his humans. 

Chester's foster mum says; he loves is food and is very playful - his favourite toy is the laser. He's very keen to go out and about exploring at the moment, and would love a new home with a garden. He will let you stroke his head and neck, but doesn't much like back or belly strokes. And he is very well litter trained. 

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated



Pretty Cassie is a very sweet and gentle. She is easily dominated by other cats as she is so nice. She loves attention but a little unsure of how to ask for it -she was living in someone's shed for quite a while and got out of the habit of receiving human love. She had three beautiful kittens who have all been re-homed, now it's her turn for some spoiling- she'd love to be someone's special girl again. 

Neutered, chipped and had first vaccination. 

Staple Hill


Dave is about 10-12 months, a real naughty teenager. He's playful and cuddly, and would definitely love a garden for adventures. 

He's very boisterous and can get carried away, playing a bit roughly so probably best he's not homed with small children. He's also a bit too 'in your face' for most other cats. He's sharing with Tim at the moment and Tim just ignores him so they rub along together fine if you're looking for a pair.

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Staple Hill 


Jet is 4-5 years old with very soft plush fur, and luckily likes his cuddles. He's quite chilled out and gets on OK with other cats. Het just tends to ignore them. He's very friendly, quite chatty and likes his food a little too much!

Neutered, chipped and vaccinated

Staple Hill

Connie & Callum 

Connie is the Tabby girl, Callum the black & white boy. Both pussy cats have the same mum, and are about 9 months old. Connie and Callum have lovely natures and love their food. 

They lived outside for the first months of their lives and are a little shy to begin with. They are looking for a quiet household so that they can continue to grow in confidence. They are good with each other, and get on with other cats. They would benefit from having another friendly cat in residence with them. 

Connie and Callum would love a home together, where they are loved and cared for. They will grow in confidence and make loving pets. 

Chipped and Neutered 

Longwell Green

Waiting for a Foster Space

Harry's 2 years old, very cuddly and talkative, the purrfect cat. He is also a little bossy with the other cats and won't let them onto the bed. He's great with dogs and children but needs to be the only feline diva in his new home. 

Neutered and Vaccinated. 



Willow is estimated at 3 years old and came in as a stray. She's very sweet, and of course has her   naughty tortie moments. She would be best as an only cat in an adult only household (or sensible children). She is a little 'hand' shy possibly due to mistreatment in the past. She prefers people when their lying down, as they are probably less of a threat to her. As soon as Willow knows her foster mum is lying down for the night she's all friendly and purry. 

Spayed, Chipped and Vaccinated. 

Longwell Green


Boyd is about 18 months old. He is a lovely friendly cat with the most pathetic of meows, haha.

Neutered and Vaccinated 



Dora is Boyd's mum and is about 5 years old. She doesn't like other cats, and would therefore be best as the only feline in her new home. She likes her fuss, but not being picked up. 

Neutered and Vaccinated 


Cats needing: farm/stables/smallholding

Three lovely cats 4-5 years old looking for a farm/stables type home where they can display their not inconsiderable talents as mousers! They will need shelter, fresh water and a supply of dried food but will more than earn their keep for you. These are proper feral cats - they won't ever be pets.



Dolly is a gentle and loving cat who may take a little while to earn your trust. She enjoys playing and either sitting by you or on your lap; she loves to be brushed and stroked. She has been socialised with other cats and is used to dogs but not children.

Dolly is nearly 3 years of age and is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for worms and fleas. 


Araminta is one of three cats dumped earlier this year. She is a sweet and friendly girl who is desperate for her special fireside. She gave birth to a litter of kittens while she was dumped but has now been neutered and is ready for a new home.


This youngster was found in the early hours of New Year's Day. Despite notices having been put around the area, no-one has claimed her. She has had her first vaccination and is getting ready for a forever home. She is very friendly, very talkative, a pretty and lively little girl. BEING HOMECHECKED


Loki, named after the Norse God of mischief, doesn't live up to his name! Once a stray, Loki is now happy in his foster home. He is a large, friendly boy, adventurous and curious about the world but also very loving. He's waiting for that special person to choose him; in the meantime there is lots of exploring to be done!

Sabrina and Perseus 
can be homed separately

Sabrina is a beautiful little girl, about 2 years old. Her markings are very attractive with the dark tortie being almost black. She is a people cat but is not happy in the company of all the other cats in her foster  home and keeps herself away from them. She would suit a home with only one or no other cats. 

Sabrina takes herself for a walk around the block every day, so after a period of being indoors to get used to her new surroundings would appreciate being given outdoor freedom.

Perseus is happy being indoors at present. He is very friendly and playful but can be a bit rough sometimes so perhaps he'd be better with no young children. He has an endearing habit of looking continually surprised with his big, wide eyes. He is a contented boy who loves being given attention.

He is about 1 year old. 

Freddie & Mable 
coming to Bristol very soon 

Since coming into Foster Care Mable and Freddie get on very well and could be homed together successfully. They are often head-butting each other in that cat-friendly manner. 

Freddie is a short-haired tabby, just out of kitten hood, probably about 1 year to 18 months old. Freddie has also had little human contact but since coming into foster care he has settled very well. 

He loves attention and is not so frightened of strangers as Mable. He is playful and has a charming way of batting with his paws (no claws). 

Neutered & chipped 

Mable is a beautiful black & white long-haired cat. Her age is not known but she's probably about 4. 

She belonged to a lady who went into care and since then Mable has been living rough. During this time she has not been handled but since coming into foster care the transformation has been remarkable. She is still nervous of people, but once she trusts you she can't get enough attention and loves being stroked. 

Mable has a very sweet nature and requires a quieter, adult-only home where she can get to know and trust her owner.

Mable says: 'I am nervous when someone goes to pick me up because I am not used to it, but love it when they persevere and stroke me. I love being stroked and long for attention. And I'm looking forward to having my long fur coat groomed'

Neutered and chipped 


Hi, I'm Tippi, about 1 year old and very small for my age. 

I was born into a drug-addicts multi-cat household, life was miserable..... 

I love being in foster care but best of all I would like to be in a loving home of my own - that would be a dream come true.

I am friendly and so keen to please. 

Millie & Sophie

Millie, the white female is 7 years old. She is a lively friendly girl in good health. Millie hasn't taken well to a new puppy that has been introduced into the household. The owners don't want to part with the puppy and feel it is best that Millie is re-homed. Millie is great with people, likes to go outside, although she sticks to the garden. She is happy with a quiet life. 

Sophie, Millie's companion, is friendly and enjoyed peace and quiet. It would be nice if the two could go together as Millie has known Sophie all her life. Sophie is tolerant of the puppy, so it is more important that Millie is re-homed. 

Both cats are Neutered

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