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****Please note the requested donation for cats has risen to £60 to help cover increasing costs****

**** All our cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria ****
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If you would like to adopt a cat all the information you need is on 'The adoption process' page; once you've read the boring stuff come and see our little beauties!

When you adopt from us, did you know that you are helping TWO cats? By rescuing, you free up that foster place for another cat in need.

Senior Kittizens




No suggested adoption fee for our Old Age Pusscats but any donations are very welcome as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.


This is the lovely Tashy!

Named after her perfect white handlebar moustache, Tashy was found on the side of the road scared and looking for help. She was rescued by the BWCRC and taken straight to the vet for neutering and chipping and since then, has gone from being a frightened and nervous little thing, to a happy and super affectionate bundle of love!

Tashy has an incredibly loving and sweet-natured personality and absolutely adores cuddles and tummy rubs any time of day :-) She would happily live with or without cats, as long as there are toys to play with, and is also perfectly fine with time on her own as well! (So 9-5 jobs are no issue with Tashy!). She is an amazingly caring and affectionate cat, and loves chatting to you whilst you cook, or simply cuddling up to you in front of the T.V! (Countryfile is her favourite!)

Children are no problem with this kind-hearted kitty, as she is so patient and maternal, being handled has heralded no issues at all! :-)

So please email us on if you would like to find out more, or if you think there might be room in your heart and home for this amazing and wonderful cat, Tashy x  BEING HOME CHECKED


Lovely Lottie is a smoochy little lovebug but isn't as brave as she thinks she is!
She is spooked by unexpected noises and when she's scared she can lash out in self defence; she's not nasty just trying to protect herself from what she sees as a threat.  You do get a warning so it's easy to move away and let her recover her composure. 

She's getting better all the time in foster and it happens only rarely now even with other cats and a couple of busy dogs around and she's adorable the rest of the time,  headbumping and asking for a fuss. 
With this is mind we're looking for a quiet, adult only home with no other pets and owners who won't mind if she's grumpy now and again!

6 years old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated and 5 weeks free insurance. 
Staple Hill 

Biggsy and Frankie

Frankie (Black Cat)

Frankie has bright eyes and a beautiful shiny black coat. What he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in personality and confidence! He is playful and kitten like in nature and incredibly loyal and affectionate to his owners. With a passion for water, Frankie will always appear when a tap is running and has been known to spend a night curled up in the sink! With a gentle squeaky meow, there is never a doubt that Frankie is  in the room looking for a chat and a cuddle. A fantastic companion & loyal friend.

Frankie is almost 3 years old, fit and healthy with no medical conditions. He has been neutered, micro-chipped and all vaccinations are fully up to date. He requires access to the full outdoors in a safe location as he has no previous exposure to roads and would suit an environment without dogs or other cats.

Biggsy (Tabby)

With his striking tabby coat and snow white paws, Biggsy certainly is a handsome chap.  Although timid at first, once trust is gained, he is a loyal companion. With his soft coat and cuddly tummy he is in seventh heaven after a good fuss! A champion eater and weighing in at 6kg Biggsy may be on the larger side but is genuinely scared of butterflies. Definitely one that requires a lot of time & love.   
Biggsy is almost 3 years old, fit and healthy with no medical conditions. He has been neutered, micro-chipped and all vaccinations are fully up to date. He requires access to the full outdoors in a safe location as he has no previous exposure to roads and would suit an environment without dogs or other cats.

Farrington Gurney


Jesse is 1 year old and a really lovely boy. He’s still a bit shy but getting better all the time and is very good with other cats. He loves to play and would love another friendly cat to chase around with. 

Neutered, chipped, vaccinated and 5 weeks free insurance. 

Longwell Green 



Smudge is a mans man. He was overwhelmed in a previous home with young children and scary neighbouring toms. He was very timid at first but has really relaxed with his foster dad and his son. He loves to hang out, listen to music, and have a chat. He's an affectionate lad whose hobbies include rubbing on legs and dribbling for head scratches
He has become a very confident and loving cat. He's also very handsome with the shiniest black fur, which will complement any sofa!
Smudge is looking longingly out of windows and would love a garden in a safe location to play in. 
He is 7-8 years old. Neutered and comes with five weeks free insurance. If Smudge is just the puss for you, please



If you are looking for 2 chilled out easy going boys, then look no further than the Bears. These two 3 year old brothers settled down in foster immediately and have been the perfect house guests. They like human company but are happy to do their own thing whilst you are out at work. Both like to go out in the garden but whilst Big Bear loves to doze in the sun and go to visit the neighbours for a fuss, Little Bear prefers a nice comfy sofa to do his daytime dozing on but will go out in the evening to walk off his dinner. Both will purr as soon as you stroke them and Little Bear likes to have a chat with you too. They have been used to having a lot of space to roam around in their previous home but since coming into foster they have been content to potter around the house and when they do go out into the garden, they don’t seem to go too far. They are fine with other cats but aren’t so keen on little people so would suit either an adult household or one with older children.


Neutered, chipped, vaccinated and with 5 weeks free insurance.


Grace is about 12 years young- she's  still active and playful and enjoys a wander outside so needs a safe location. She's a gentle friendly little soul looking for a quieter retirement home, she wouldn't be able to cope with little humans unfortunately. 
Neutered and chipped plus 5 weeks free insurance. 
Longwell Green


Zola is 11 years old and a quiet, gentle little girl who likes a fuss. She was given up as she was stressed and toileting in the house but she has been absolutely fine since coming into foster. 
Unfortunately she was found to have entropion in both eyes ( the eyelashes turn inwards and rub painfully against the eye) but has had an operation to cure it. She's needed daily eye drops so is giving her fostermum the cold shoulder at the moment!
Zola would like a quiet retirement home; she's sharing with Daisy and they just ignore each other so she could go with another nice cat or on her own.

Neutered,chipped, vaccinated plus 5 weeks free insurance. 
Staple Hill


Sweet little Jasmine was living stray with a few other cats. Less than a year old and expecting kittens. Poor puss. The person feeding the cats found one of them had been deliberately injured so asked for help and they were taken in. Jasmine came to us, and had five lovely kittens. She's been a wonderful mum to her little family but is now ready for some fuss and spoiling of her own.
Jasmine is still quite thin and is enjoying regular meals....and the occasional dreamie or two! She is happy to be safe and cared for but is looking forward to finding a forever home where she can enjoy her home comforts and explore a nice, safe garden too!
Jasmine is a sweet natured, laid back puss. She loves a fuss and adores a good game, especially if there's catnip involved. She is good with children but would like a quieter home, where she can have her own space to nap in peace️
Jasmine will be spayed and chipped before adoption. If this gorgeous girl is the purrfect puss for you, please contact


Neville is a very handsome chap indeed, and a calm and relaxed chap too. He was a one and only indoor puss but has settled beautifully into foster with other cats and dogs.
He loves a bit of a stroke and a fuss but hasn't chosen a lap to sit on just yet. Give him time! 
Neville has no road sense at all so will need a very safe garden away from busy roads. 
He is neutered, chipped, and vaccinated and comes with five weeks free insurance. If he is the purrfect puss for you, please contact

Peanut and Milo

Peanut and Milo are the best of buddies, neither of them have had the best of times but that’s all behind them now and they really are best mates!

They are both 18 month old boys, Milo (Black) is a super affectionate bundle of energy who constantly chats and purrs......he loves his humans and playtime is very important to him! Peanut (Ginger) is a super cute chap, he’s not as bouncy as his buddy Milo but still enjoys short bursts of play....his favourite being feathers on a stick! Peanut is partial to his tummy being tickled and has a big purr for a little chap who likes a natter but sometimes his chirrups are’s hilarious! The boys share most things but when it comes to their favourite cooked chicken the pace at which they eat speeds can’t have more than the other!!

Before being homed, both boys will be neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated and come with 5 weeks free insurance. Peanut is a flu carrier and can have symptoms during periods of stress. He has been vet checked and they think his initial flu went untreated which has left him with a cloudy eye but it doesn’t bother him at all.

Peanut and Milo must be homed together due to their bond and with no other cats, with a safe garden to explore, and would be happy to live with sensible older children. If these cute chaps seem the purrfect pair for your home please contact

Molly and Memphis

Molly and Memphis are two senior kittizens with lots of love to give and plenty of playful spirit:)
Memphis has the sweetest milk moustache. It looks like he's been caught with his nose in the milk jug! He's a very handsome chap who enjoys his cuddles but prefers a quieter life. He's very chatty himself though! He is shy to start with and needs a little time to show his loving ways. He would enjoy a home without small children and loves to be outside so a safe garden is important to him.

Molly is 14 years old and a kitten at heart. She's a tiny package of fun who just loves to play and chase around. She's such a pretty puss and very loving and affectionate
too. Molly loves her humans but can be very jealous of other cats. She does get on well with Memphis though. She would enjoy a safe garden to play in. 

Molly and Memphis get on but aren't bonded. They would be happy in a home together but would not mind  being separated. They are both neutered and vaccinated and come with five weeks free insurance. They have had a recent vet check and are in great health. If one or both of these lovely cats is purrfect for you, please contact



This pretty puss is In need of a quiet, adult home. She's a lovely, affectionate girl who enjoys nothing more than a snuggle on a lap, or to cuddle up and snooze on the sofa while you watch tv. She is 9 years old, and fond of her zzzzzzzz's but is still a playful puss too! 
Poor Natalie has become increasingly stressed sharing her home with three lively mini humans and is really not coping with them. Her family have worked with the vet and tried different treatments but Natalie is a very unhappy cat. She would love a quiet adult home as an only pampurred puss, where she can relax and enjoy her humans company again. She would love a garden in a safe location to play in. 
Natalie is spayed, chipped and vaccinated, and is in excellent health. If she is the purrfect puss for you.


Aretha Franklin (Frankie) is an affectionate, beautiful, chatty, wonderful little cat. We don't know her age as she was found as a stray, but the vet believes her to be around 3/4 years old. She is spayed and has a micro-chip. It is with great sadness that her owners  are having to rehome her, as she is a very loved cat. Frankie really doesn't like using a litter tray, and her owners landlord would not let them have a cat flap so she could go outside., which made Frankies life very difficult. She has been fine in her foster home with a very low sided tray lined with newspaper but she is looking forward to a forever home with a catflap !! She will need a garden in a safe location. 
In all other aspects she is a very happy pussy cat, she isn't a fussy eater and just eats complete dry food, and absolutely loves dreamies treats. She is a little shy with people she doesn't know, but once she is comfortable with you she is very affectionate and very talkative. She has her favourite perch by the bay window where she loves to watch the world go by, and she loves sleeping in boxes with a soft blanket to lie on. She would prefer to be an only pampurred pet in a quieter home without small children. 
Frankie is spayed and chipped and comes with five weeks free insurance. If she is just the puss for you, please



Primrose needs a home due to a forced move.
Primrose is a beautiful, dignified and quiet cat enjoying snoozing and comfy surroundings.... she has a lovely personality and won't mind if you're out all day but will be really happy to see you when you come in and enjoy watching TV.
She'd be a great companion for someone who needs company daytime or evenings. She has experience with small children, but keeps out of the way. She'd prefer to be an 'only cat' with adults or older children for company. She would enjoy a garden in a safe location to mooch in.
Primrose is 13 years old and in great health with up to date flea/worm/immunizations, insured through end of August, spayed and chipped.
If this lovely cat is purrfect for you.



Beautiful Bengal Maya is 5 years old and loves her humans but since they had a baby last year they find they don't have as much time to spend with Maya as she would like. She's bright and playful and great company and they feel she would be happier with people who can spend more time with her.

Maya is neutered and vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.  This is a private adoption and the owners are asking £100 for Maya but want her to go to a lovely new home and approached us for help in ensuring this.

Crews Hole 

Mr Fluffles and Saffron

Mr Fluffles has a little flu in his eye and is very nervous around new people and easily spooked. That also gives him a wonderful nature he is very gentle but does love to play. He is quite independent but likes to be near me. He is very confident with me and my partner. 

Bristol and Wales have been amazing and found Fluffs a friend, he gets on well with cats but if we'd let him go to another home with another cat he is non confrontational but would have been stressed if the other cat didn't like him. Fluffs likes to play and him approaching other cats who don't like that can cause trouble...It is complicated.

Anyway Saffron and Fluffs play loads they cat wrestle, chase and groom each other.. They haven't quite curled up together but think they will. I've woken up with Fluffs one side and Saffron the other of me..

Saffron is quite highly strung when he's in play mode and has stressed groomed but this is getting better. He is lovely boy and just needs to learn to trust his human. He does like fuss, its more in trust they'll feed him. The poor love has raided our fridge, bin and stolen cheese..

These two are looking for a quiet, safe home with no children, ideally with someone calm and gentle who has the time love and interact with them.


Lovely Jazz is 9 years old and half Persian; she's very chilled and friendly and settled into her foster home straightaway like she'd always lived there. 
She loves a little potter in the garden and a snooze in the sunshine. She hasn't mastered the cat flap yet, so likes her staff to open the door for her, or better still, keep it open!
In the evening, she loves to lap surf, depending on who's available....she's not fussy, anyone who's home will do for a snuggle
She's quiet at night, happy to sleep until somebody is awake to serve her breakfast. Now that's a treat for her new owners!
Jazz is an absolutely beautiful cat. Her photo doesn't do her justice. She has large amber eyes that shine in the dark, and a very silky, shiny coat. Her coat needs brushing at least every other day to keep it soft and smooth, and in tip top condition.
She would prefer a home without young children, and she needs to be an only pampurred princess.  She's not a big fan of other pets stealing focus and cuddles
She enjoys dry food, and an occasional treat of tinned salmon, which she ADORES! She would love a garden in a safe location to mooch in.
Jazz is neutered, and comes with  5 weeks free insurance. She has had a recent vet check, and is in excellent health, with a coat and teeth to be proud of. If this gorgeous puss is purrfect for you, please contact
Bradley Stoke


Avalon is a super friendly, affectionate girl with the sweetest temperament, and the softest fur.....purrfect for strokes and fuss!
This sweet puss was very stressed in her previous home, sharing with seven other cats and a large dog, and suffered cystitis, but she has been absolutely fine in her foster home. She has a mild heart murmur that causes her no problems, and needs no treatment.
Avalon would love a quieter home, as an only pampurred pet with no young children. She would very much enjoy a garden in a safe location to play in.
Avalon is four years old. 
Neutered, chipped, and has had her first vaccination. She comes with five weeks free insurance. 
Staple Hill


Magic is a sweet little girl who doesn't sell herself very well but loves a good fuss and chats away to her humans once she knows them. She's 5 years old and fine with other cats but would prefer no young children as she likes a quiet life !
She has a flea allergy so will need regular vet prescribed flea treatments.
Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus 5 weeks free insurance. 
Staple Hill 



2 year old Dobby came to BWCR and had been used to a life outdoors but wanted some creature comforts. He is a very pretty boy cat with fabulous big ears, huge green eyes and a black tail tipped with white and very shy. He is coming around for his foster mum now and loves a fuss now he has mustered up the courage to trust her and will purr loudly and head bump for yet more fuss once he gets going. He is very friendly with other cats and due to his shyness, would benefit from going to a home either with an existing friendly cat or with Billy who he isn’t related to but has always lived with. He would need a quieter home with adults, possibly with older children where he can come around in his own time.

Chipped, neutered and vaccinated with 5 weeks free insurance.

Imogen and Lilly

Imogen and Lily (black and white)

Love chasing each other, eating chicken and sleeping curled up together.

Would ideally be suited to a family with no children or much older children as some loud noises are a little scary to them!
Not sure they would ever be a lap cat but really enjoy a good neck and head scratch!

They are around 5 months and have been neutered, chipped, flea treated and wormed.



Supersmoocher Pepsi needs a home!

This cuddly affectionate boy is 8 years old and loves all the attention you can give him. He'd prefer to be an only cat and he'd be fine with older children.  He would love a garden in a safe location to play in:)
He's neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. He's  had a scale and polish so him and his lovely white teeth are all ready to go!
Mail us if Pepsi is the cat for you!


Look at my fabulous floofy coat:-)

Mary is a beautiful puss with the most fabulous floofy coat and gorgeous green eyes. She is very sweet, and will headbump and rub legs for a fuss and a chin tickle️
She's a very playful puss, who loves her toys, and a good game, especially if it involves chasing a ball. She's inquisitive too, and enjoys watching her humans, and helping them work.
Mary is a little nervous at times, but gentle with it. She is used to children and could be homed with sensible human kittens who understand cats
She is fine with other cats, and would love a garden in a safe location to play in. 
She is just 1-2 years old, and is neutered and vaccinated. If she is the purrfect puss for you, please contact



Darling Reuben is a sweet and friendly cat. He loves a good fuss, but is easily startled, so will need a quieter home, with staff who will help him settle at his own pace. He will reward them with head bumps and cuddles!
He would love a garden in a safe location to play in. 
Reuben is 3 years old. He is neutered and chipped, and comes with five weeks free insurance. If he's the purrfect puss for you, please


Lenny is a very friendly, playful puss who loves cuddles, fuss, and food! He would
love  a safe garden to play in and would be happy to live with older children, and another friendly cat. 
He is just a year old, neutered and chipped. He comes with five weeks free insurance. If he is just the cat for you, please


Holly and Ivy

Mum Holly and daughter Ivy are 17 and 16 respectively but look and act years younger - even the vet said they looked more like 10 years old! 
Holly is incredibly friendly and chatty and Ivy is quieter but just as affectionate. They both crave attention, love their food and Holly in particular, is keen to go outside. They'd like a home together and have been vet checked and have no health issues except for Holly having a slight heart murmur.
Neutered, chipped and had first vaccination plus 5 weeks free insurance. 


Joanna (Jojo)

This lovely older  lady is a sweet and pretty puss, with a lovely fluffy coat. She has lived all her life as an only cat, but is mixing very well with other cats and a dog, in her foster home. She would be a wonderful companion and is ready for her forever home. She would enjoy a safe garden to mooch in. 
Jojo is 13 years old. She is chipped and neutered and comes with five weeks free insurance. If she is just purrfect for you, please

Lucy and Suzie

Tiny sisters who were left in an empty house, living in darkness being fed once a day.
They're understandably a bit overwhelmed and shy at being in foster now but are very sweet and gentle and are responding well to strokes and cuddles. 
They're about one year old and tolerate each other but aren't close so can be homed together or separately.  Suzie is the braver of the two but they both need a quiet home with people happy to give them some time and lots of love.  They would hide given a chance so you would need a room with no hidey holes to start them off in and another friendly cat to show them the ropes might help too.

They really are lovely little girls and will be very affectionate once they've settled.
Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus 5 weeks free insurance. 
Staple Hill


Azad has come into foster as his owners are moving abroad.  We were told he is 8 months old but he is a very big boy and our vet thinks that although this may be possible, he may be 1-2 years old.  He is a delightful little chap and is very kittenish in his behaviour and is definitely not one for lazing around!  His interests are running like crazy after a laser pen, chasing things around the house and looking into every possible space!  He is very friendly and will definitely let you know when he would like a good hard head rub and to play.  He has been used to living on his own, and does not get on with his fosterer's cat so would need a home of his own with a safe garden as he has been used to going outside.

Azad is chipped, neutered and had his first vaccinations. 


Harvey & Alby

Harvey ginger and Alby black were going to be put to sleep until a kind lady stepped in and offered to take them and find them a home. They're 5 years old and have always been together but aren't close and confident Harvey can be a bit bossy towards Alby at times so they can be rehomed separately.

Harvey is quite playful and very excited by his toys and will happily sit next to you - occasionally , if you've been very good, he'll sit on your lap :)

Alby is shyer but definitely the soppy one who just loves to be cuddled and fussed.

Both boys are neutered and in Swansea at the moment but their carer is happy to transport them .