We just thought we'd send you a quick email updating you on how Khaki (now called Jasper!) has settled in.

He was very nervous to start with, and spent the first few days under our bed, refusing to come out. He would only eat if we sat next to him on the kitchen floor! His appetite is now very healthy, though, and he has gradually developed in confidence and trusts us a lot more - he waits behind the front door for us to come home from work every night, and greets us with a stretch and then flops onto his back, which is his request to have his tummy tickled! He is something of a stealth cat; he is incredibly quiet and will appear out of nowhere - we have often woken up to find him sitting on the end of the bed and staring at us, without us even noticing his arrival.

He has now had his last vaccination at the vets and so will soon be allowed out - not that he seems that bothered though, as he's quite happy spending his time following us around and seeing what food he can steal! He loves the wooden floor in our lounge, as he spends hours chasing his toy mouse up and down it, meaning he skids along and crashes into everything - this just seems to add to the fun for him, though!

Thanks once again for your help with Jasper - he has certainly turned our house into a home, and has been the best decision we've ever made.

We've attached a few pictures for you to see how he's getting on!


Hi everyone, I have come a long way since leaving that Industrial Estate at Avonmouth, I have had a fantastic Xmas with my new friend "Titch"; we have had lots of fun "hic hic". I do like the Xmas parties at the Levey residence, they treat me so well; a good new year to all my feline friends and hope to send more whacky photos at some time.



Just thought that I would let you know how Saffie is getting on. I have attached a couple of photos so you can see how happy she is here.
She's had us running ourselves inside out over Christmas, but it's been a pleasure. She and Benson (our dog) are getting along well. Benson is used to having a cat around, so it wasn't much of a transition for him, but he is very careful around her as she is so small. He's very patient with her, and when she has plonked herself on his bed, he doesn't try to push her off, but rather gets on what little of the bed she's left him, and they sleep together.
Saffie is putting on weight nicely, and had adapted really well to the food we've got her on. She's on Whiskas dry food at the moment, with kitten milk morning and evening. For the first couple of days she stuffed herself silly, which I had expected, given the horrible start she had in life. But she's levelled out nicely now.
We'll get the New Year out of the way, and then pop her to our vet's and get her registered and start on her vaccinations. Then before she's ready to start going out, we'll have her spayed and micro-chipped. 
Thank you for suggesting her to us, she's a real pleasure to have here. It's because of Tilly, our last cat who died just before Christmas, that we so wanted to give another cat/kitten a home.
Saffie has lots of toys, and a lovely new bed, but what does she love to play with? One of Benson's dry food biscuits! They roll really well, and go like greased lightening!
I'm so pleased that after her horrid start in life, that she is one of the 'happy endings'.
Don't underestimate what you do. You do such a wonderful job, and Saffie and kittens and cats like her, have a second chance of a happy ending because of what you do. Many thanks and a Happy New Year. x



I just thought I would let you know how Yogi is settling in after his first Christmas!

I think he is more dog than cat- he follows me everywhere and makes little squeeking noises (attempts of a miaow!) if I am not noticing him enough! He loves sitting on my head and shoulders when I am working on the computer! I think he is one spoilt cat as he is constantly getting presents from everyone who meets him! 

He is quite a lap cat although has his crazy half hours where he runs around the whole house pouncing at everything and everyone! 

He has turned into an absolutely stunning looking cat and I definitely think getting him has been the best thing I've done in years. I have attached some photos of him so you can see how he's grown!



Christmas wishes from myself and William - as you can see he likes the christmas tree!  He's obsessed by climbing up it and then sitting in it munching on the light bulbs, he's eaten 3 so far!

He is still full of beans and was absolutely fine after being neutered.  It has seemed to stop him staying out til very late on an evening!  I don't think he goes that far when he's out though, just in the garden and over the back wall.  He is also still very greedy and loves his food, don't think that will ever change!


Trudie and Bentley

I thought I would give you an update on Bentley & Trudie (now called Charlie & Amber) who we adopted from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue in September of this year.

Both settled straight in to their new home & get on like a house on fire! Amber is very protective of her new little brother & they follow each other around, sleep , play & eat together.... the only time they are separate is when they want cuddles from us!

Charlie is still a complete lap cat &, I must say, a bit of a Mummy's boy! Amber has shocked us both as, though she is still skittish around new people, she is completely relaxed around us & even sleeps on the bed at night & gets onto our laps when she wants a cuddle.

I've attached some photos for you of the recent scenes following our Christmas tree going up.... needless to say it had been stripped of most of it's decorations within about 30 minutes!

Thank you so much for all your help & the wonderful work your organisation does rehoming all these beautiful cats. I have recommended you to all of my friends & family who are thinking of getting cats.


Just to let you know that Daisy seems to be settling in well today, though she cried last night.  I think she was looking for you!  She seems very content today though, after a thorough inspection of my house, including all the high shelves and ceilings (stared at very hard).  She likes the dark cupboards best I think, but the settee seems to meet with her approval too.



Just to let you know Buster has settled in well and is getting on with Graham, still playing football at 2am and long conversations going on most of the night with Jane.
He is a lovely boy and we are so glad we got him,  and have cancelled the Christmas tree this year due to the fact Buster would soon have every bauble on the floor.


This is a photo of Evie who has now been with us for 5 weeks and I got exactly what it said on the tin.
She is the most loving pussy cat I have ever met even though she is a terror when it comes to pulling socks and pants off the clothes horse and the radiators.  She is tiny in stature but makes up for it in personality.
You said she loved dogs and she most certainly does.  My poor old 14 year Labrador is not sure what has hit him. He did try to bark at her when she moved in but she has realised that if he does bark he only falls over so she completely ignores him and has recently taken to running up to him and giving him kisses.
She shares her love with all of us and has plenty left over for any one that comes to visit, quite convinced that they will feel the same way.
Thank you so much for letting me have her and good luck to you all with your wonderful work.


Millie, Melody and Saffy

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that Saffy is doing fine - here is a picture of Saffy, Millie and Melody. They are getting on well together now - it took a few days before Millie and Melody accepted Saffy but she never stopped trying to make friends with them - we had a few days of some hissing and growling, but Melody was the first to couch up with Saffy - now they will all couch up together. Saffy took to the Felix pouches we were using with M&M immediately so that makes it easy for us. All three have had their first vaccinations (they were very good girls) so it's been spend spend spend on them but we love them loads.



I thought you might like to know how Lily the tabby (young mum from the oil
refinery in Pembrokeshire) is getting along, we collected her from her
foster home in Bristol just over 5 weeks ago, and she is well and truly part
of the family - and also now a minor celebrity who is much admired for her
beauty and antics by our neighbours!

She's without a doubt the most insane cat I've ever met, and a bundle of
curious energy. She is more like a dog than a cat - she follows us around
everywhere (even to the bathroom! She sits on the rug when I'm in the bath),
chases her tail and eats all the crumbs that fall on the floor. She has an
insatiable appetite for her food (in fact she licks her bowl clean) and is
filling out nicely into a lovely sleek miniature tiger, though we will have
to watch her or she will end up more like a stripy rugby-ball! She knows
when it's our bedtime and sleeps on the end of our bed every night. Her
cat-alarm-clock trick (which consists of sitting on the pillow, tickling
your nose with her whiskers, purring like a lawnmower and putting her paw on your cheek) works a treat. She is such a comedy act, she never fails to do
something hilarious which makes me laugh out loud - yesterday she stole half
the sausages for our tea when our backs were turned; and at the weekend she was jumping around all over the (plastic) greenhouse roof, ripped the
cover and fell though the hole where, luckily, I caught her - never have I
seen a cat look so surprised - but the whole thing was over in 3 seconds and
was so funny I couldn't be cross with her. She pretends to claw us and bite
us but she never hurts us or even marks our skin, she spreads her toes out
so wide like baseball gloves! She isn't scared of anything (not the hoover,
the hairdryer or even next door's dog). Her favourite toys are conkers and
rugs. She is a mischevious little madam in a world of her own, and we think
she is really really special.

I've attached a couple of recent photos of her - the first one is when I
went downstairs to get something and this is what I found in my bed when I
got back! The other photo is of her guilty face after she stole the

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to take her on - our house
is a proper home now!



I just wanted to give you a quick update on how Penelope is settling in. I got Penelope as a kitten a couple of months ago and she swiftly developed from a shy and nervous little thing to a boisterous and ever curious young cat. Your description was spot on and she very much thinks that she is the boss! However that suits me fine and the both of us are getting on well together. I've attached a picture.

Thanks for your support with the adoption and I hope all continues to go well with the charity.



We wanted to get in touch with an update on Kanga, as he has now been with us for more than eight months.

Kanga took a while to settle down due to a combination of the infamous Bengal behaviour traits and nerves from being moved again. However, with a lot of love and patience he has developed into a very happy little cat. He no longer seems nervous and has definitely discovered his affectionate side, as he loves coming for cuddles. The rather mournful expression he had when he first came to us also seems to have vanished and he generally gets on well with our existing cat.

As you would expect from a Bengal cat, Kanga is very vocal and he loves to climb - his favourite party trick is balancing on the edge of a very high open window and meowing at the birds outside. He also likes to drape himself round people’s shoulders while they walk round the house and will quite happily sit there for ages until someone turfs him off! He has also recently discovered that he likes having his tummy tickled and is gradually becoming more playful.   

 Unfortunately we did have some worrying news a few months ago as Kanga was diagnosed with the first stages of kidney failure. Luckily, though, we caught it very early and we hope that with the right diet and care he can still enjoy a good couple of years. He now goes to the vets every three months for a check-up and to date he has shown no signs of deterioration - in fact he seems perfectly healthy, apart from the fact that he drinks a lot of water.

 We’re very grateful to you all for letting us adopt such a lovely little chap and have attached some photos for you to enjoy.


I thought I’d give you an update on William.  He’s a lovely little thing, full of beans and prefers to play with all my things rather than his toys.  In particular he loves make-up brushes which I find all over the house!!  He’s settled in really well now, is initially still nervous of strangers but soon comes around and becomes more confident.  He’s growing rapidly and is all legs, he absolutely loves his food and eats everything he’s given and tries to eat whatever I’m having as well!


I've just started allowing him outside but only whilst I’m about in the house.  He is a bit nervous and hasn’t gone too far but loves climbing up a winter jasmine I have.  The cat flap  vexed him, it took him a while to suss out it worked the same to get back in as going out through it!  He’s had his vaccinations and is being neutered this week.  All in all everything is going really well with him, he’s certainly got the life of old riley with me and I'm lucky to have got such a lovely little boy!


Attached are a couple of photos of Archie (or Chico as you knew him). He’s grown loads and likes grabbing ankles, scratching and biting them! He’s also very loving too. He’s had all his injections now so will be going outside v soon


Bramble and special guest Holly puppy!

Whose bowl is it anyway?!

It's a hard life!


Please see the pictures of Max (also my cat Billie is on a couple of them - she is eyeing him up!!).  I am going to let him out in the garden today (bit apprehensive - hope he doesn't do a runner).  Max and my dog are fine now - he is still a little wary of her but she has lost interest over the last week and has just accepted him.  As for Billie - we still have the growling on occasions and they stare at each other usually about 3 ft apart!  She has chased him up the stairs on a couple of occasions - I'm sure in another couple of weeks they will tolerate each other more.

Joey and Chandler

Enclosed are some pictures of Alan and Frank (Joey and Chandler) in their new home. They play together for hours and hours running, fighting, jumping, pouncing, exploring before cuddling up together for a snooze. They are just waiting for their second injections as they are desperate to go outside and play. Thankyou for letting us give them a home, we love them very much.


We thought you might like some pics of Rosa (aka Pigeon).  She's such a sweetheart - it's hard to believe we've only had her for two weeks, she's settled in so well.  She also gets along with our other cat, we were able to leave them alone right from the beginning.
Grateful if you could pass these on to Eileen and let her know how she's doing.  She's into everything, but so adorable!


Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how JJ (now renamed Fernando) is doing.
We adopted him in early August, aged 2 and with a tendency to swipe and very nervous around towels.
After one nervous day for both of us, Fernando hiding down the side of the bed and we checking on him every half hour, Fernando has settled in brilliantly and is a happy contented cat.
He is one of the most intelligent cats we have ever met.  Desperate to be outside but forced to wait for his vaccination course to be completed, we would catch him playing with window latches and door handles - having watched the humans do something magic that opened them!  Now free to roam in the garden and neighbourhood he still likes to sit on the window sill, surveying his territory.  He loves playing chase with ribbons and will attack newspaper entirely unprovoked.  All our magazines have toothmarks down the spine.
He was a little heavy when we got him, as he'd spent all his time indoors and developed a bit of a comfort eating habit.  But careful rations and the outdoor life are seeing the pounds drop and his coat is beautifully soft and shiny.
Despite being an independent outdoor cat he loves human company and will settle down in whatever room we are in.  If you stay still for more than 5 minutes he's up on your lap, shuffling up until his head is under your chin and purring away.  He has learnt to tell us that he has had enough, rather than just swiping, and can even stand the vacuum in the same room as him - well for a minute or two.
Here he is, having a nap. 


Teddy, Tabby and Emily

Well, time really has flown, it's hard to believe that it's been three months since we adopted those tiny bundles of fur! The hissing continued for a few days, but as you can see from the attached pictures they are now the best of friends, and tend to do everything as a group. Teddy is feeling slightly sorry for himself at the moment - he had "the snip" a week ago, but like a typical man is milking it for all it's worth!

They have such different personalities - Emily is very independent and everything has to be on her terms (leather elbow length gloves needed for Frontline day!), Tabby is quite timid and takes her lead from the other two before deciding whether it's safe (she's definitely better off with other cats - if she was on her own I think she would be scared of her own shadow!), and Teddy is just the snuggliest cuddle monster ever (he even attempts to sit on my lap while I'm standing up - quite painful!)

We are so glad that we adopted them, there is nothing quite like three purring cats on your lap while you're trying to watch telly!

Thanks for all your patience in the lead up to adoption day,

Smudge & Annie

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how these cats are doing! They are a pair of very happy, relaxed cats. They are both doing well, despite the odd fight and Smudge being silly enough to get cement dust on his coat..... both well recovered now though.


Just wanted to quickly update you on Murphy/Mega. 

He’s doing fine at the moment, he’s gotten used to both us and the flat and likes nothing more than poking his head into strange corners of the flat or into what we’re doing.  Still hasn’t quite shaken the cold yet so he sneezes quite a lot but it doesn’t stop him running around and attacking anything that dangles. 

I’ve attached a picture of him relaxing after a hard day's chasing a wooden door wedge around the living room.


I just thought I'd drop you all a quick e-mail as I've now had little (???) Marlon for a whole year now. As you can see he's settled in well and now rules the house! He loves showing off his fantastic feet and having his tummy rubbed. He's very chatty and at the moment is in seventh heaven as it's the conker season, he keeps bringing them in from the garden and playing football with them until they go under the sofa then he runs off to get another one, my whole house is filled with conkers! He's off to see Isobel, his vet next week for his jabs, I haven't told him yet!! He usually manages to sweet talk them out of lots of cat treats, so he doesn't mind too much! As you can see he's grown lots and is just as adorable as ever, I'm so glad I was able to adopt him

thanks so much



Just wanted to update you on the gorgeous Socks! He had his hernia op and neuter on weds. I took him back for his post-op check this morning and they were really impressed with how well he is healing. He is settling in well and is such lovely company, really playful and such a lapcat!



Just a quickie message to say thanks very much for suggesting Billie as
my new furry friend. She's now named Lily, sounds similar enough to her
to understand, but a little more feminine :)
She's settling in nicely - I had to extricate her once from the inside
of my coat which was at the time hanging up in the hallway. This was due
to Avvie, my lizard deciding that Lily's first day here was an excellent
time to start digging for nesting purposes and in the process scared the
hell outta Lily. They are both now pretty nonplussed about each other,
so this is a good thing.

3 little semi-feral kittens

The 3 little ones were fine from the word go being put together; Harry was so concerned at hissing at me that he ignored his 2 new companions and then curled up to sleep with them, and they have been great together since.

They are all out of the cage now in the spare room playing and chasing. Horatio and Dexter have been very interested in them. Dexter being Dexter went up and sniffed each one in turn and then popped his paw out to show them who is boss. Horatio just loves them and plays footsie under the door when they are in their room and plays with them when he goes in there.

Harry has completely stopped the hissing which is a good thing and i can sit on the floor and they come up to me and sniff around and climb on me, so we are making progress.


Smudge has settled in well and is full of mischief, we have found out that he likes toes.  Attached is a photo of him.



Just wanted to give you an update on Dolly (formally Allegra) she is doing very well indeed and is an absolute gem, we love her so very much and she gets spoilt rotten! 
Thanks again for everything.

Indy and Oscar

I just wanted to let you know that the kittens are (finally) healthy! They’ve had antibiotics and more eyedrops but they are now both snot and sticky eye free! They are off to have their first vaccinations tonight! They are both so affectionate and playful, and also very confident. They are absolutely perfect. Which is a miracle considering all the eye drops etc!


I picked Coco up on Monday night and she is settling in really well. She is eating well, purring and loves cuddles and playing with her new toys.


My new name is Marmaduke, I didn't like Hugo it just didn't suit me.  I am doing really well in my new home and settling in just dandy.  I've met all the family but I still find Jasmine the big soppy labrador a little too big at the moment, she's a giant!  And she's really weird she eats broccoli and carrots and picks pears off the tree in the garden....!
Mummy says I'm quite a little character as I am partial to a few laps of tea!  Mummy can't believe it and said I should be human really.  I love to choose where I'm going to sleep at night, Jake's bed is rather comfortable and Ollie's is rather bouncy like a cloud, but the best bed is mummy and daddy's.  I creep under the duvet and stay really still and when I think daddy is asleep I nip his toes, I think my teeth are a little sharp and daddy removes me from the bed and puts me down on the floor.  I must learn when bedtime is.......
I love to sit in the bay window and watch those two nutty dogs run round the garden they are just so cool - Max likes to see how bushy my tail gets when we bump into each other, luckily the house is big so I can escape when I feel they are too much for me.
Mummy says I'm the cutest and most loveable kitten she has ever met and she loves me to bits - I can't say I blame her I am just the most handsome thing in the world don't you think. 
I'm meeting nanna and great grandma this weekend and mummy says I must watch grandma as she loves cats and she might put me in her handbag and take me to her house.  I don't think I would like that cos I'm doing just fine here....


Hi, a lot has happened including a slight change in name! Now I am referred to just as “Fluffy”, some times “Fluff” and once whilst being particularly naughty something else beginning with F!

My coat has changed colour, I’ve lost all the big matted clumps, the grey hairs and the brown bits all around my collar.I’ve got lots of new toys, a basket – although I tend to sleep more or less where I want – I’ve discovered that laps are very warm and comfortable.

I received my very own cat flap, it’s see through, so I can sit in the kitchen and look out of it for hours without getting too cold or wet. My garden is great I have found loads of interesting things to keep me occupied. Although I find my fur tends picks up lots of seeds and debris from the fir trees – which are great fun to climb, so I have had to learn how to groom properly.

The vet's not too bad and now I’m a digital cat – although I didn’t get any fish with that chip!

Now I have a young brother, I believe he's from Burma, which is even further than Wales! Anyway we play together all the time and I am teaching him the tricks he needs to know….now how do I order us loads of fish with this big “net” thing!!


Just a quick email and picture to let you know how Enzo (formerly Ziggy) is doing.

He is such a lovely cat, you were certainly right about him wanting a soulmate, now he's found not just one soulmate but two, as he's settled with my Husband and I and is now very affectionate. He's a cheeky little thing always looking for mischief, he has such a big personality. He's still definitely a "belly on legs", always thinking about food!

Thank you so much.


Just a quick email to say we LOVE Elvis – or “Elton” as he is now called!! As you can see below he’s made himself perfectly at home! He’s so friendly – loves attention and then crashing out on the table sleeping!
He settled in immediately and is eating well and using his little tray etc!
Many thanks




Just to let you know that we absolutely adore Alfie that we adopted from
you a couple of months ago, he is just gorgeous and has settled in so well.

We enclose a couple of photos.

Thank you so much


Just an update on Clara, who went to Nala then Tooie as in short for TwoRoo,
 she is doing fantastic!
So she has settled in completely and is in to absolutely everything. Sonic has
 come out of hiding and they are both getting on well, he even lets her pinch
 his food and he washes her head. She loves cuddles and purrs for England. We had our niece over at the weekend, and the two of them had a great time.
 She has been for her 2nd vaccnation today, she still has a little diarrhoea
 but the vet says it should clear up with worming and moving on to James
Wellbeloved as it is hypoallergenic.

Lily and Leo

Hi, thought I would drop you a quick line about the cats we adopted from you last year, they were called Banjo and Bliss but we renamed them Lily and Leo. I have attached a recent pic of them cuddling up.
Leo is a total numpty who is rubbish at hunting and instead brings tons of pond weed into the house and leaves it on the living room floor or in his food tray, he's more than a bit mad but very cuddly.
Lily is the one who wears the pants and is getting really fat, she must be getting food somewhere else and is built like a tank, we are considering putting her on a diet. She licks everyone and rubs herself along any surface, a very tactile cat. She is good at hunting which made for a sad spring for chicks. Again, shes cuddly but hates being picked up.
They are very happy and very loved


Thank you so much for Lincoln.

He tucked into some food last night and within half an hour wanted a cuddle.
He seems happy today and we have had lots of cuddles.
I have attached a picture of him sleeping in the sun.


Just to say that our new kitten has settled in very well. We’ve called her Cindy. Here is a picture of her with Jono.

Thanks very much for all your help, She’s a delight!


Just thought I would update you on Purrdy (Silver).I'm hoping to attach a couple of pictures for you to put on the web site.

He is now well settled in, he had problems with his teeth but since he had two out and the rest scaled he is going from strength to strength. He lost a little weight but has put it back on and is still a hefty cat - the vet says it's all muscle not fat and, despite being told several times a day that he is hungry, that is how it is going to stay!! He does not meow but opens his mouth & then a couple of seconds later a tiny 'ow' comes out. He is VERY insistent  when he wants his head stroked and when I settle down in bed I have to have a hand out of the covers so that he can PUSH his head into it and have it stroked before settling down to snore!!. Still not too happy about having his front paws touched but he has stopped trying to bite and will now just bat my hand away before jumping off my lap only to return a couple of minutes later as if nothing had happened. As you will see there is not much room for me on the sofa once he has settled down.

And not forgetting our lovely old blind boy Reuben - his time with us was short but he won't be forgotten.


We collected Evie (Duffy) from you a year ago and wanted to let you know she
is doing so well. She is a very affectionate cat and loves the attention.
Please find attached some photos of her including her celebrating her first
birthday which we have made 20th June! She is so spoilt but worth it. Hope
you are well and all the kittens are finding homes to go to.


I hope that all Cali's (now Maible) siblings were homed ok?  Maible is fine, not causing too much trouble, she is lovely and has fitted in really well.   She has only got stuck under the sofa once and jumps onto anything that moves and is more interested in empty toilet rolls and our shoes than her own toys.  We are moving house now and it should be interesting to see how she gets on with the visitors especially as she climbed up the leg of the guy who came around to do HIP!
She had her visit to the vets last week and was rather noisy in the car, she also escaped from her carry case twice while in the car!

i will make sure that we send you more pics when she gets bigger and any new stories of her adventures.

Lily and Hugo

Just to let you know that the two grey and white kittens we adopted are settling in well. They are now called Hugo and Lily and are tearing my curtains to shreds :) 
Here are some photos of them over the past few days Lily is the mainly white one and Hugo is the grey fluffy one. Thanks for all your help in finding them and we are so happy now we have them.



'Marmie' as he answers to,  is a 3 year old neutered male who is very affectionate & loves to be stroked from head to tail when he is lying on the carpet.  He enjoys chasing his toy felt parrot with floppy legs which is hanging on a cord from a rod and loves to chase his table-tennis balls around the hall and kitchen. He prefers to lie on the lounge coffee table which has a cooler surface than the floor carpeting. He will certainly enjoy exploring and having adventures when he is released into the garden shortly....
Thank you for advertising him on your pages, He will warm to my affection in the months to come.


Have attached a photo of the little monkey Dexter, he is sitting on top of my front door the day after he arrived, no idea how he managed to get up there!!!


I thought you might quite like an update on little Skipper! He’s doing really well and we think he’s probably going to end up ruling the roost; Captain Jack is such a softie. They chase each other a lot and rough and tumble, but there aren’t any claws, teeth or hisses so we hope that it’s mostly just play! Skipper is outgoing and really affectionate. He was well behaved at the vets. We have had one instance of him and Jack falling asleep right next to each other, so we are hopeful they might end up friends!

Florence and Eddie

Just a quick update on my lovely pair! After three trips to the vets, Eddie was put on a course of anti biotics which has now thankfully cleared his upset tum and given him far more healthy toilet habits!
Both kittens are growing very well, particularly Eddie who seems to be massive, in comparison to Florence! They are completely gorgeous, so energetic and I am completely besotted with them, so thanks ever so much. Both however, have in the last week become cosy lap cats too with purrs like motor cars!


As promised some pics of our little monkey (Joe/Leonard) for you.
We love him to bits
Thanks for our introduction

Montgomery and Bentley

I thought I would just say a quick ‘hello’ and let you know how things are going with our boys.

Montgomery and Bentley are wonderful – they are settling in well and are great characters. They are gradually getting used to us and last night, for the first time, we had one each on our laps whilst watching TV!  They are so different. Bentley (the little fellow) is very speedy and playful – he is almost always on the go and fidgets a lot, in a rather disarming way – he was the first to purr and the first to approach us but Monty is catching up now. Monty, on the other hand, is very laid back and chilled. He is such a gorgeous pudgy hunk and loves a cuddle when you make the first move – he lies on his back with his legs akimbo waiting to have a tummy rub. He has an obsession with a teaser and growls every time he has it in his mouth. Last night we gave them each a catnip sock (fresh catmint inside a pair of socks ‘volunteered’ by Angela!) and they went doolally! Bentley got drunk and couldn’t stand up and Monty tried to kill his. I took a short film of the action and it’s priceless! We went away at the weekend and employed a ‘babysitter’ – this worked well so we have decided that when we go away this is what will happen, rather than boarding them in a kennel.

So… all is well. Just though you’d like an update for your ‘happy endings’ – will send some photos if you like



 I  was looking for a kitten as a present for my fiancé at Christmas, as she had always had a black male cat at home before living with me…

After speaking with very helpful staff from this home at a well known supermarket, while they were collecting money, I met "Rolo" who was described to me as a very loud vocal black kitten.
He was just what I was looking for, young, black and male, and I kept the whole thing a secret from my fiancé until Christmas Eve.

I must admit, I was not a great lover of cats myself, but he has grown on me…..
Rolo now lives on a country estate in Gloucestershire, and is full of character. He has made friends with my black lab dog and they run around playing together.

Rolo still makes a lot of noise, and you always know where he is, as he always meows and his purr is so loud it's not normal!

He has been outside, but on a lead for now to get him used to the area.
He now loves his cuddles and purrs even louder when you make a fuss of him.
Rolo is still on the small side, but that’s how he will be, and he is now enjoying a life of love and affection in great surroundings, and he has decided that he is boss of whoever and whatever he meets.


Just thought I would let you know how little Wiggles (used to be Sooty) is getting on. Barney (of Barney and Dandy fame) was very suspicious at first and Wiggles spent his first night halfway up our chimney! (now blocked off). We've had him about two months now and they love playing together. It was quite confusing at first having two black cats-but we soon distinguished the two as Wiggles has huge bat ears and zooms around at high speed! It's done Barney good to get more exercise (he's been getting a bit tubby-as you will see from the little and large photo!) They like bird watching together on the windowsill and Wiggles is so playful and extremely cuddly. Barney is also doing well-he now spends every night on our laps and meows if we stop stroking him! We can even pick him up and cuddle him with no fuss.
Thankyou so much, it was so sad losing Dandy but I'm glad that Barney has a new friend to play with and it's been worth the patience to get Barney to trust us as he is so sweet now!
I've attached a few photos (Wiggles is the one playing with the mice and with the huge ears!)
Many thanks

Paddy and Penny


Sorry for the late letter. Both Paddy and Penny have settled in well. Penny took a few days before coming off the top of the kitchen cupboards but very quickly found a favourite spot. Paddy seemed to settle in quicker but his personality changed and he became rather violent and started biting, then spraying in the garage. The past week we have let them outside and he has turned a corner and has become the very affectionate cat we fell for in the first place. Penny is still very loving which we adore but she is still a little silly towards Paddy if he gets too close to her but she likes to sniff him, but he tolerates her. Paddy has his favourite spot curling up on the sofa and Penny is either curled up on the cat stand or on our laps.

We’d both like to thank you all for your help and we are over the moon that we got both of them.



We adopted 'Wiggles' from you in March and I just thought I'd give you a brief update on how he's getting on. He was a little shy to begin with but quickly adopted my partner and I. He is currently snuggled up on the sofa with us after having pinched a prawn from my stir-fry and is a very loving (and amusing) member of our family. As I'm sure you remember he is blind in one eye so can't go outside, however we have bought him a lead so he enjoys a wander round the garden when it is sunny. We just wanted to thank you for your help with adopting him and to let you know that we couldn't be happier with how well his personality has slotted into our household. 
Again, many thanks!

Woody and Tressie

Here are some latest pics of Woody and Tressie.  Woody is on top and Tressie is at the bottom.  Then the one at the window is the laid back Woody. lol  Tressie has turned into a funny little cat.  And, smart as heck.  One day, Wayne accidentally shut Woody in our bedroom.  Tressie came marching into the room, straight up to Wayne, and was giving a few very demanding meows.  I knew something was up so I asked him what he just did.  He said ... oh, I probably accidentally locked Woody in our bedroom.  Well, that is what it was!  After letting Woody out, Tressie was a happy little girl again.  Both cats follow me around like my shadows.  They both love being cuddled with and know how to fetch items for us and bring them back to us.  They really are wonderful!  Thanks again,


Hi, i just thought i would give an update on Mia (formally Katie).  Since picking her up from Bradley Stoke she has settled in wonderfuly.  Even on her first evening she seemed at home!  When we got her she was still suffering from cat flu but after another course of antibiotics from the vets she has the all clear. She is still a little cuddle bunny and has developed an affection to the laptop, even as i type this she is trying to lie on the keypad!  She is now fully vaccinated and neutered and we can't wait to let her investigate the garden to chase those birds she watches from the window! She has such a lovely gentle nature and we couldn't imagine life without her now! x

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