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Adopting a Senior Kittizen

For general information about adopting one of our rescue cats, please see the Cats for adoption page:

We don't have a recommended donation for our Old Age Pusscats as we are always delighted to be able to find them homes. However, if you do feel able to make a donation, it would be very much appreciated as they've often had dentals and other expensive treatments.


Older cats are always harder to re-home, especially during kitten season when they are completely overlooked in favour of the little cuties.

BUT older cats make wonderful pets:

They don't wreck the house!

They are more relaxed and love their cuddles - they make great lap cats.

They are much less demanding and are happy to be left on their own.

They don't go far and many are content to be indoor cats - a bonus for people living in flats or on busy roads.

Older cats make great companions for older people but many senior citizens believe they cannot own a cat because they don't have transport or they are less able than younger people.

RUBBISH!! Older people make wonderful owners, they have more time and often more patience!

We provide a full support service - trips to the vets, help with medication etc and we are always at the end of the phone.

The benefits of cat ownership have been scientifically proven:

Cat owners are more active and more sociable, they have better physical health, recovering from heart attacks more easily and making less trips to their GP.

They have better mental health, they are happier with another little soul to look after - it gives them a focus and a reason to get up in the morning.

Loneliness is a terrible thing and a little furry friend improves their whole quality of life, increasing social interactions and providing companionship.

Have you an elderly friend or relative who would love some company?

Please consider one of our golden oldies below: 

And a special thanks to all those sponsoring the OAPs we can't rehome...

As you know, BWCR doesn't do putting to sleep; we give every cat the best chance we can and that includes our oldies, but sometimes we just can't rehome them. So.. we have an OAP room with our lovely Jen (an OAP herself, bless her!) in Eastville where they can live out their days in comfort with a lovely sunny garden to enjoy.

But ..they are a drain on our resources - from vet visits and medication to only eating posh pouches as their appetites aren't great when they're older - or maybe with old age comes great wisdom and the ability to con us!

We have Lizzie in renal failure, Daisy who's 22 and Annie who possibly has gut lymphoma - they're all happy and enjoying life and will stay with us for however long they have.

If you are able to help with the cost of keeping them for the rest of their lives, please get in touch.

Sponsor An Older Cat


Little old lady Annie (17+) was handed into a vet as a stray but no owner came forward to claim her. She has recurrent bouts of cystitis and the vet suspects that she has gut lymphoma. Her urine is very dilute too, which means she will go into renal failure at some point. She is also very deaf.

Amazingly, Annie seems as fit as a fiddle and is still very spritely! She's a little sweetie who loves food, especially anything her human might be eating - she believes in sharing! Because of her deafness, she has a very loud miaow with which to demand both food and cuddles! 

Why adopt an older cat? Meet Fluffy!

Her owner says, "We adopted Fluffy at age 10+ and she's been in excellent health, no trips  to the vets apart from vaccinations, is chilled and great with my respectful children.  We would certainly take on an older cat again.  We are so grateful to have a mature cat that's litter trained and doesn't scratch the furniture. 

She is a real character.  Every time I come anywhere near the PC Fluffy is straight up on to the desk, well onto the chair and then onto the desk! She lies down to sleep but in such a funny position!  I know people may not want to adopt an older cat, but I would highly recommend it.  What you see is what you get!  Thank you Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for Fluffy."


Sweet little Pudding,  she's a little chubby but nothing a few wanders round a garden won't sort. 

She was adopted from us a few years ago but unfortunately her owner has died. Pudding is 14 now and looking for her retirement home. She's gentle and loves attention and would love a quieter home where she can all the spoiling to herself. 




Lovely Mitzi was unwanted by her owner and taken to the vet to be put to sleep, she's only 10 and in great health so they refused and rang us instead.

She's lovely, a real smoocher who just loves attention from her humans. She would prefer to be an only cat though.



Home from Home Adoption

An outdoor cat.

Eats Purina chicken biscuits so not very expensive to feed as a big bag around £8 will last well over a month.

Because of her diet she has a very glossy coat and is extremely smooth to the touch.

Very healthy – the only visit she has had to the vets was because of some guest fleas!

She likes to sit on window ledges and make "chirping" noises when looking at birds.

She isn't a lap cat but loves being smoothed and shows her appreciation by being very vocal.

She loves playing – my husband spends a lot of time with her pulling a simple piece of string or a long stick and she will chase it for ages.

She is a bit wary of strangers but once she gets to know you she will let you know.I've never witnessed her get her claws out for anyone.  Very friendly cat.

Although we did have a dog she is very wary of them and will suit a dog free home.


As Fizz is an older cat I think she would suit someone who lives in a quiet house with no children.  Although she has been brought up with my daughter she isn't one for being held and constantly being picked up and will struggle to jump if held too tight.


To summarise, Fizz is an easy to look after cat and extremely friendly if a little shy at first.  She hasn't any vaccinations but if that proves a problem I am more than happy to pay for vaccinations prior to rehoming.



This is my latest boy Rudy for the website. He’s got a lovely gentle nature and would be good with any humans or cats/dogs but definitely prefers humans – he just sort of ignores other animals. He loves laps, fuss and cuddles and is estimated to be about 12. Neutered, chipped and all clear on FIV/Felv & general bloods check. His nose isn’t sore or red it’s just a nasal red eye thing!


Marvin, gentle boy 10 years old,  given up by his owner.  He's  a little timid as he's had a sheltered life but give him some time and he's a cuddly boy. He's fine with other gentle cats and has just had a dental and had his thyroid removed as he was hyperthyroid and very thin when he arrived.

Neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated 



Gorgeous friendly Simba is 11 years old but doesn't look or act it. He was left outside to wander by his owners as he wasn't wanted and he's loving being in the warm with regular meals once more. He's  a sweet, gentle boy, easily dominated by other cats so best as an only and he loves attention and cuddles. 

Neutered,  chipped, vaccinated 


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