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Sponsor A Cat

Every day, for one reason or another, helpless animals are abandoned, or handed in to rescues. We provide these animals with a clean, safe environment , a warm bed, regular meals, veterinary and loving care, and everything they could possibly need. However, there are always a few cats that never get the home they've always wanted.

Some cats are either too ill, too old, or have temperament problems which mean that they cannot find a suitable home and so must remain with their fosterer as one of their own pets. With your support, we can give these cats the food and veterinary treatment they need and lots of love for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our cats, please contact us via phone or email and we'll be more than happy to give you details.

When you sign up as a sponsor you will receive:
  • A certificate of sponsorship, birthday card and Christmas greeting! 
  • That warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you are doing something to support an animal in need!

Sometimes, even after paying for food, wormers, flea treatments and veterinary bills, there may be some money left over for a particular sponsor cat - we hope you don't mind if we use any surplus money to treat another of our needy sponsor cats. 



We found Shanzi as a starving, matted stray living under cars. She is incredibly friendly and loves cuddles so has obviously belonged to someone at some point but has not been cared for. Her upper lip and the tissue right up to her nose has all been eaten away by rodent ulcer (easily controlled by steroid tablets if caught early) and she also has sores on her hocks. She's been untreated for so long that now needs regular steroid injections and trips to the vet so is staying with foster mum, Tracey, for the rest of her life.



Chicken came in with her 'friend' Marble but they didn't get on at all and Chicken was always cussing and swearing at her. Unfortunately the bad temper also extended to any human who had the misfortune to be close by so several potential adopters left Chicken-less!

Marble was rehomed ages ago but Chicken's obviously got a long memory and an even longer reach with a well aimed right hook! So she's going to be staying with her foster mum as Jen appears to be the only person in the entire world who Chicken likes. She's able to stroke and cuddle her, but everyone else - beware!



Rosie is about 15 and has a beautiful fluffy coat. She came in with her sister who was rehomed quite quickly, but Rosie decided she liked living outside in the secure garden, with a nice warm bed in the pen. She didn't come back in the house for three years, despite all our attempts to persuade her. The apple tree was a particularly favourite place and she knew how to stay just out of reach at all times. This made meeting potential adopters very difficult, and even now she'll run from anyone.

Rosie's obviously decided she likes living with foster mum Jen and her friendly cats and is going nowhere now! She's also just realised that the conservatory is actually rather warm and snug and has the best beds ever!


Winnie came in with her siblings at 5 weeks old when they were found in a cardboard box and, in time, they all went off happily to their new homes. However, Winnie proved to be very unpredictable, with a bit of a temper, and having a noisy toddler in the home didn't help. It turns out that Winnie has fits, not often enough to warrant medication but they have left her with a bit of faulty wiring - she can be calm and very loving but when even remotely stressed, she gets very confused and attacks everything in sight - including her own tail and paws as she doesn't seem to realise they actually belong to her!

Her foster mum isn't fazed by her outbursts and has the scars to prove it so Winnie will be staying with her!


Izzie and her two brothers were little feral kittens who came in very sickly. Unfortunately, the boys didn't make it, but after three days and nights of round the clock nursing, Izzie pulled through. All that time spent with her foster mum obviously made her bond strongly because she was rehomed once but was absolutey terrified, attacking her new owner all the time. Once she came back home, she was as soft as butter once more. Izzie will never accept another owner now but has a forever home with her foster mum.


Sirius Black was born to a pet cat but their owner just didn't bother with the kittens so they weren't socialised at all, just left in one room pretty much on their own, until we were asked to take them in. Sirius arrived with his identical siblings Missy and Panda and, although our foster mum Karen spent hours with them every day for over two months, we had to admit defeat and accept that they would never be pets.

We found Missy and Panda a lovely home in a stables and they are doing well. Sirius was always the most scared and we really didn't know what to do with him; then fate took a hand and he suddenly became very poorly. He developed a hugely raised temperature and took to his bed for days, not eating or drinking, but not showing any other symptoms so the vets were at a loss as to what infection he actually had. He was so unwell that it meant we could pick him up and nurse him. He went to the vet every day for fluids and an injection to bring his temperature down and, after about five days, he started to recover.

He'd obviously learned to trust us a bit too and started creeping up onto the settee to sit next to us and have a stroke - he even started purring for the first time ever! As he could be a carrier for the infection he had, we can't rehome him to a stables etc like his siblings in case he goes down with it again - with no-one to look out for him he would die.
So Sirius has stayed and is now a smashing little boy. He loves the soppy old dog we have and likes to snuggle into her feathery tail. He also loves to trash toilet rolls, paper and cardboard boxes - hours of fun! He'll never be a lap cat and will always be wary of humans but he's a very happy little chap with all his feline friends.


Beautiful feral boy born in a pub garden, Shady had never met a human until he was about 14 weeks old and has never learnt to trust them. He's very intelligent and very wary - a combination which has made it impossible to trap him to get him neutered; we even tried some tablets from the vet to sedate him a bit but he just ate all his food and left the pills behind!

He's a very gentle boy and luckily he's not a fighter, he just loves other cats but, being un-neutered and not vaccinated, we decided it was far too risky for him to be rehomed on a farm or similar with other possibly aggressive and/or infectious feral cats.

He's about 18 months old now and so happy with his foster mum and her own friendly cats, plus three meals a day and a lovely big garden to explore!


Susie was born in a garden to a stray cat and no one knew the little family were there so Susie was never socialised as a kitten unfortunately. 
She's now 2 years old and still extremely fearful and gets very stressed if approached although she's fine with other cats and more than happy with her three meals a day with her foster mum!
Susie is going to live out her life with her fostermum now with a lovely, big, safe garden to explore and her kitty friends to cuddle with and maybe one day we'll be able to stroke her but in the meantime she's a happy little bunny.

How Do I Sponsor A Cat?

To sponsor one of our long-stay cats please contact us:

Email: bwcatrescue@hotmail.com

Telephone:  0844 2573525

or by post:
Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue
24 Beaufort Road
Staple Hill
BS16 5JX

You can set up a bank transfer to our bank account - just email us for details. Or if you would prefer to send us a payment by cheque, please make it payable to: Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

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